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APPLAUSEApplication and Assessment of Parallel Programming Using Logic
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Hence, the applause that greeted him at the outset continued until he, with a friendly gesture, claimed silence on his own behalf.
He shouted and roared and bobbed his shock of red wig until the audience broke out in excited applause.
There was a weak attempt at applause, but it died early.
The women who had been charmed with the easy gait and confident smile of Fleetwood, were all more or less painfully impressed by the sullen strength of the southern man, as he passed before them slowly, with his head down and his brows knit, deaf to the applause showered on him, reckless of the eyes that looked at him; speaking to nobody; concentrated in himself; biding his time.
When he leaves go of his hat to use his telescope, his hat flies off, with immense applause.
Our way of scattering applause along through an act seems to me to be better than the Mannheim way of saving it all up till the act is ended.
In short, the success both of new piece and new actor was complete, and when Miss Snevellicci was called for at the end of the play, Nicholas led her on, and divided the applause.
Father Brown, though he knew every detail done behind the scenes, and had even evoked applause by his transformation of a pillow into a pantomime baby, went round to the front and sat among the audience with all the solemn expectation of a child at his first matinee.
The people went mad for pride in him, and joy and delight, and you couldn't hear yourself think, for the roar and boom and crash of applause.
I did not recognize the applause as such, but later, when I had become acquainted with their customs, I learned that I had won what they seldom accord, a manifestation of approbation.
There was great applause when the speaker sat down.
At length the great and long-expected day -- May 15, 1673 -- arrived; and all Haarlem, swelled by her neighbours, was gathered in the beautiful tree-lined streets, determined on this occasion not to waste its applause upon military heroes, or those who had won notable victories in the field of science, but to reserve their applause for those who had overcome Nature, and had forced the inexhaustible mother to be delivered of what had theretofore been regarded as impossible, -- a completely black tulip.