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APPLAda Program Partitioning Language
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APPLAnna Porter Public Library (Gatlinburg, TN)
APPLAssociation of Partners for Public Lands
APPLAcademy of Program and Project Leadership (NASA)
APPLA Probability Programming Language
APPLAlberta Products Pipeline (Canada)
APPLApplanation Tension (pressure in the eye)
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Moreover, the definition of the species and that of the genus are applicable to the primary substance, and that of the genus to the species.
A definition is not sound if it only applies in cases where the difference is glaring: the essential purpose of a definition is to provide a mark which is applicable even in marginal cases--except, of course, when we are dealing with a conception, like, e.g.
I conclude therefore that the test of liveliness, however applicable in ordinary instances, cannot be used to define the differences between sensations and images.
Bank and its parent have committed to make available to the Board such information on the operations of Bank and any of its affiliates as the Board deems necessary to determine and enforce compliance with the IBA, the Bank Holding Company Act of 1956, as amended, and other applicable federal law.
Under the applicable law, the contractor is fully exposed and legally responsible for any wage under-payments regardless of the owner's failure to provide the correct information.
Contracting officers may use the SPS clause logic capability to automatically select the clauses that are applicable to the specific solicitation and contract.
In 5:21-23, Jesus binds the law prohibiting murder as applicable to anger and insults, and in 5:27-28 he similarly binds the law prohibiting adultery as applicable to lust.
L-3 Communication Not Applicable Achieved Level 3 in
The AICPA's new Consulting Services Special Report (CSSR) 03-01, Litigation Services and Applicable Professional Standards (No.
Nonetheless, these cases state principles of law applicable to the case in Public Citizen v.
The FAA has also proposed the adoption of a new AD that is applicable to certain Boeing 747-400 series aircraft that would require an inspection to detect miswiring of diodes in the heating system of the pilot static probes, and corrective action if necessary.
To successfully "climb" the technology pyramid requires a thorough understanding of the complex interrelationships between each of the depicted categories and the program's hardware and software elements, along with a sound comprehension of applicable U.S.