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APPROVeAdenomatous Polyp Prevention on VIOXX
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In deciding whether to exercise its discretion to approve an application under authority of this exception, the Board shall also consider whether the foreign bank has adopted and implemented procedures to combat money laundering (12 U.
Now suppose that when the FDA approves the drug-administration device for marketing, it also approves the software in every detail.
For instance, the FDA's Center for Devices and Radiological Health takes more than three times longer to approve a Class III or "substantial risk" medical device (such life-saying products as heart valves or CAT scanners) than do the agency's counterparts in Europe.
The issue presented to the Court of Appeals was if at the time rezoning was approved there were no actual projects yet proposed for the Site and SEQRA review were premised on hypothetical uses, was it proper to approve the rezoning unconditionally, or should it have been subject to further review based on later specific projects?
The council was under pressure then to formally approve security-related construction plans at the airport to help it meet the Dec.
The officers were also authorized to continue negotiations and approve agreements connected with the redevelopment of the national office property, which has been sold.
The Board also indicated that it stands ready to approve a further reduction of 25 basis points in the discount rate to 5 1/2 percent on the requests of Federal Reserve Banks.
If the state bond fails in November, the next opportunity for voters to approve state construction funds would come in March 2004.
In early July, the city of Los Angeles was about to approve the use of Optiflex, a new kind of plastic pipe, in residential and commercial construction.
The council voted 9-4 to approve the measure with Councilman Mark Ridley-Thomas absent and one seat vacant.
Increased dust, garbage and other kinds of pollution are anticipated, Edwards said, particularly since the city has already approved - and the county is being asked to approve - a doubling of the open face where the garbage is handled, or up to 10 acres.