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ARBAir Resources Board (US EPA)
ARBAdministrative Review Board (US DoL)
ARBAir Reserve Base
ARBAnti-Roll Bar
ARBAngiotensin Receptor Blocker (hypertension drug)
ARBArchitecture Review Board
ARBArbitron (Music, formerly American Research Bureau)
ARBAngiotensin II Receptor Blocker
ARBAccounting Research Bulletins
ARBAutomated Recurring Billing (merchant solution)
ARBAmerican Repertory Ballet (Princeton, New Jersey)
ARBAmanah Raya Berhad
ARBAttack Reconnaissance Battalion
ARBAmerican Research Bureau
ARBArmee Revolutionnaire Bretonne (French: Breton Revolutionary Army)
ARBAdaptive Rate Based
ARBAcquisition Review Board
ARBAcadémie Royale des Sciences, des Lettres et des Beaux-Arts de Belgique (French: Royal Academy of Sciences, Humanities and Fine Arts of Belgium; Belgium)
ARBAcademic Review Board
ARBArchitect's Registration Board (UK)
ARBBattle Damage Repair Ship
ARBAssessment Resource Bank
ARBAdvertising Review Board
ARBAnomaly Review Board
ARBAutodesk Revit Building
ARBApplication Review Board
ARBAssociation des Amis de Robert Brasillach (French: Association of Friends of Robert Brasillach; Switzerland)
ARBArmored Reconnaissance Battalion (US Army and Marine Corps)
ARBAsset Recovery Business
ARBAutomatic Reading and Billing
ARBAccreditation Review Board
ARBArtificial Recognition Ball
ARBArmy Resume Builder (US Army)
ARBAssociation des Réseaux Bronchiolite (French: Bronchiolitis Networks Association)
ARBArmored Rifle Battalion
ARBAccident Report Book
ARBAllegation Review Board
ARBAdvisory Review Board
ARBAccommodation Review Board
ARBArmy Resource Board
ARBAward Review Board (government contracting)
ARBAward Review Board
ARBassign receive bypass lists (US DoD)
ARBalternate recovery base (US DoD)
ARBAccounting Review Bulletin (GAAP)
ARBAircraft Review Board
ARBAnalysis Review Board
ARBAsociación de Radio Banda (Radio Band Association, Guatemala)
ARBAnomaly Response Board
ARBAmerican Royal Barbecue
ARBArtisans Réunis du Bois (French: Gathered Wood Craftsmen)
ARBAudit Resolution Branch (US Department of Education)
ARBAgno River Basin (Philippines)
ARBAccess-Related Bacteremia (infection)
ARBAlternate Reconstitution Bases
ARBAnn Arbor, Michigan - Municipal (airport code)
ARBArab Reform Bulletin (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace)
ARBAttendance Review Board
ARBArchives Rare Books (University of Cincinnati; OH)
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potential appraisal arbitrageurs, since the court determines fair value
This practice can be fairly characterized as appraisal arbitrage--by analogy to traditional merger arbitrage (85)--and those who practice it may be termed appraisal arbitrageurs.
They report mean raw returns to arbitrageurs of 20% over the deal duration and mean abnormal returns of 5% using the single-factor market model (6) as the benchmark.
Shleifer and Vishny (1997) examine the effect of intertemporal wealth constraints on the incentives of arbitrageurs to eliminate mispricings between two securities with identical cash flows.
Consequently, demand curves for bonds from these risk-averse arbitrageurs are not flat, and relative supplies of bonds do matter in this model.
We find strong evidence that tax-neutral institutions play the role of short-term arbitrageurs around ex-dividend dates.
For an arbitrageur trading for her own account, we can presume the explanation for a failed investment is observable.
The long-short portfolio that any arbitrageur might hold defines a market segment of a larger arbitrage industry We assume that arbitrageurs are highly skilled people who pursue proprietary trading strategies and therefore enjoy a monopoly in their segment.
The arbitrageur would sell call 1, buy call 2, and invest the balance in a Treasury bill earning the risk-free rate.
Instead, the arbitrageurs force the banks to cause appropriate changes in the bond interest rate.
The arbitrageur can now play his game by tracking New York against Chicago: the S&P 500 stock index in New York against the S&P 500 futures in Chicago.
Moreover, a further implication of this result is that the arbitrageur will prefer to trade in the contract with the greatest amount of liquidity, because these markets provide the lowest transaction costs.