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ARCHArches National Park (US National Park Service)
ARCHAutoregressive Conditional Heteroskedasticity
ARCHAdvocacy Resource Centre for the Handicapped
ARCHAssociation of Registered Clinical Hypnotherapists
ARCHAdult Residential Care Home
ARCHAnimal Rights Collective of Halifax (Canada)
ARCHAccess Response Channel
ARCHAir Rotary Casing Hammer
ARCHAssociation for Radio Controlled Helicopters
ARCHAir Rescue Consortium of Hospitals (air medical services company)
ARCHAdvocates for Reproductive Choice in Healthcare
ARCHAdvanced Reconnaissance Compression Hardware
ARCHARgonne CHicago (ARCH Development Corp.)
ARCHAutomatic Remote Cassette Handler
ARCHAction Research and Community Health and Development
ARCHAir Forces' Regional Communications Hub
ARCHAuto Rétro Club Herblaysien (French vintage car club)
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The Modi government is creating a record of sorts in scrapping these old, redundant and archaic laws from statute books.
The archaic phrases "wheelchair bound" and "confined to a wheelchair.
The results showed that individuals from Oceania possess the highest percentage of archaic ancestry and south Asians possess more Denisovan ancestry than previously believed.
Exploring a wide range of genres--drama, epic, pastoral, and devotional verse, for instance--she is concerned to show the differences that genre makes to the deployment of archaic language.
As she suggests, the book "aims to complicate prevailing models through its attention to the temporal instability of archaic style, and its awareness of the extent to which this instability challenges the stable division between past and present on which many historicist readings depend" (12).
This common orientation of all five statues strongly argues that the linear patterns were indeed designed to form an archaic alphabet system, perhaps one similar to that employed in Japanese Hiragana and Katakana.
In practice, however, the book's organization is somewhat recursive, less invested in arguing for this temporal and stylistic trajectory than in exploring multiple uses of the archaic.
Some archaic forms may have had a wider distribution before being confined to dialectal usage.
The result gave the scientists confidence to infer that contemporary African populations contain a small proportion of genetic material-about 2 percent-that moved from a species of archaic humans into the gene pool of anatomically modern humans about 35 thousand years ago.
The real culprits are the millions of Lotto and Bingo fans in the Western world who couldn''t give a fig about these catastrophic effects and who drive around in their 590 million motor vehicles equipped with archaic internal combustion engines.
Old and new archaeological data are brought together from several sites, with emphasis on Maritime Archaic and Pre-Dorset manifestations on Nukasusutok Island and Webb Bay/Port Manvers Run.
In an upcoming Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Shang and his coworkers describe a mix of modern-human and so-called archaic skeletal traits.