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ARCOAtlantic Richfield Company
ARCOAssociation pour la Recherche Cognitive (French: Association for Cognitive Research; est. 1981)
ARCOAssociate of the Royal College of Organists (UK)
ARCOAmplified Repertory Chamber Orchestra (Portland, OR)
ARCONational Area Commodore
ARCOAssociate, Royal College of Organists
ARCOAirborne Remote Control Officer
ARCOAntigen-Reactive Cell Opsonization
ARCOAdaptive Resolution CODEC
ARCOAuto Rétro Club de l'Orne (French: Vintage Car Club of Orne; Orne, France)
ARCOArmy Requirements Control Office
ARCOArtificial Remanufacturing of Cylindrical Objects
ARCOAuxiliary Resources Control Office
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Ashraf Salman, the chairperson and CEO of AUR Capital and executive president of ARCO, said that Neymar will be the first owner of property in the company's Neymar Lagoon at City Stars Sahel community, which has been officially launched last summer.
Of that, $60,000 will be deducted for 20 years to repay the loans the county took out from ARCO in 2012 and 2014 to prop up the course.
El fenomeno del arco electrico entre los electrodos se puede representar por una resistencia variable (Trageser, 1980).
Arco has taken advantage of company innovations, such as the launch of Nexafed decongestant, which has pseudoephedrine in a tamper-resistant technology that prevents it from being cooked to make methamphetamine.
Arco had since 1992 explored several blocks in Hassi Bir Mekaiz (Ghadames basin east of HM) - where BP's partners are state-owned TPAO of Turkey (25%) and Lundin Oil unit Santa Catalina (25%), under a separate deal with Sonatrach.
New to the catalogue is the Arco Industrial Skincare range, a three-step system to clean and protect hands, and the Neoprene Glove family, offering a versatile solution to hand protection for a variety of working environments.
Si se considera que la parte inferir del arco oval en realidad no es un nervio, sino que esta constituido por piezas completas solidarias con el muro (jarjas), la parte superior del ovalo puede comenzar siempre a la misma altura, alli donde acaba la jarja.
Arco Investeeringute is involved in property development, but also offers brokerage, valuation, construction and property management.
Contra San Jose el unico que no estuvo presente de los guardianes del arco fue Ashe por una tension en el musculo causada en el encuentro con los "rojiblancos".
NDEP, ARCO and local officials said there was no evidence that high levels of uranium in off-site wells came from the mine.
En relacion con la nota titulada El reto artistico de 2005 (11), de la analista cultural Blanca Gonzalez, publicada en Proceso 1471, me permito dar atenta respuesta a las preguntas que hace la periodista sobre la participacion de Mexico en la Feria Internacional de Arte Contemporaneo Arco 05 en Madrid.