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ARENEAgence Régionale de l'Environnement et des Nouvelles Energies (French: Regional Agency for the Environment and New Energies; est. 1994)
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Arene oxides are of significant toxicological concern because these intermediates are chemically reactive.
The [H.sub.8]L-ester, which is modified from calix[8] arene, is more flexible than both the calix[4]arene and calix[6]arene derivatives; however, it did not show a good extraction capability for [Co.sup.2+], [Ni.sup.2+], [Zn.sup.2+], and [Ag.sup.+], as shown in Figure 11.
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Summary: This study comprises the synthesis of new calix [4] arene thioether derivative (3), its corresponding oligomer (5) and copolymers (6), which are a selective extractant for toxic metal cations and anions and liquid-liquid and solid-liquid extractions of these compounds.
Il en a aura bien besoin dans une arene politique oo la regle est de cogner, un maximum...
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We calculated the potential energy curves along the torsion angle of the (R-pyrogallol)CH-(R-pyrogallol) bond of the dimeric precursors of 2,8,14,20-tetramethylpyrogallol[4]arene and 2,8,14,20-tetramethylpyrogallol[4] arene using density functional theory (Koch & Holthausen 2001, Peverati & Baldridge 2008).
Our group has attempted the syntheses of NHC molecules with arene substituents including fluorine and oxygen-containing groups.
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Alberto Arene, president of CEPA, said they are awaiting the results of a study conducted by a Japanese cooperation in order to make a decision.