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ARILASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Retakaful International Ltd.
ARILAssociation for Religion and Intellectual Life (New York, NY, USA)
ARILAutomatic Return Item List (US Army)
ARILAmiantit Rubber Industries, Ltd. (Saudi Arabia)
ARILArrival Intermediate Location (rail car event movement code)
ARILAdvanced Retractable Injection Lances
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With the higher level of protein in the aril sample, one would expect that the overall levels of the amino acids in it would be more than in the seed.
For weight and percentage of the fruit components (pericarp, seed and aril, or edible portion) there were significant differences (P [less than or equal to] 0.05) among selections (Table 2).
RMN [sup.13]C [delta] (ppm): 14.1 (C[H.sub.3]), 113.7 (C4), 120.3 ([C.sub.m], 125.0 ([C.sub.m], 128.9 ([C.sub.p]), 129.4 ([C.sub.o]), 131.3 ([C.sub.o]), 131.4 ([C.sub.m], aril), 132.5 ([C.sub.p]), 134.2 ([C.sub.p], aril), 137.2 ([C.sub.i]), 149.6 (C3), 163.3 (C5), 187.6 (CHO).
After 90 min, the seed was scored as carried off, aril removed in situ, or not manipulated.
Ovulate strobili (female cones, seed cones, megastrobili, megasporangiate strobili) consisting of a solitary ovule that is terminal, sessile or on a peduncle to 1.5 cm long; sterile scales persistent, 6-14, spirally arranged or opposite and decussate; mature ovule or seed surrounded by an aril (a fleshy part of the megasporophyll that develops from the axis or apex of the ovule- bearing axillary shoot); aril globose to ovoid or oblong, 5-30 x 10-15 mm, sweet, pulpy, red, white, green, or purple; seed dry and nutlike, with 2 cotyledons.
My aim in this Article is to convince you that, like those movie monsters, ARIL is a fantasy.
Aril removal has been used as promisor method to increase seeds germination with several results in Passiflora species (Pereira and Dias, 2000; Martins et al., 2006; Osipi et al., 2011; Silva et al., 2015).
It is possibly the longest-lived of all trees and has a rusty-red bark with a deep green foliage producing strange carmine arils which contain the very dark seeds.
'In fact, this year, we have also collaborated with the volunteers from SPRING at the Ladang Mosque to hold breaking-of-fast events with orphans, and distribute food to the homeless around Kuala Terengganu,' Aril Arif said.
RAMALLAH, Aril 9 (KUNA) -- Palestinian teenager Aged Al-Tamimi has been exposed to harsh interrogation methods over 10 days, including "verbal abuse," father has said .
Aril 4, 2018 (KHARTOUM) - The Sudanese government and two armed groups from Darfur region are expected to meet in Berlin to negotiate a pre-negotiation agreement, Sudan Tribune has learned Wednesday.
of their party's founder and former Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto at Jinnah Park on Aril - 4.