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ARMEDActive Risk Management in Education (UK)
ARMEDAntibiotic Resistance Surveillance & Control in the Mediterranean (pathology)
ARMEDAgency Resource Model for Enhanced Decision-Making
ARMEDAartan Ridge Militia Elite Division
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Police said the armed men met an accident shortly after in Ghauri Town Bazaar near Kalma Chowk, where their vehicle collided with a taxi and then would not start.
Soldier's and Airmen's Home in Washington into an independent establishment of the federal government's executive branch, known as the Armed Forces Retirement Home.
What factors can alert them to the presence of another armed individual?
* The 5-year period used to determine whether taxpayers can exclude gain from the sale of their main home may be suspended during the period the taxpayer or spouse served on qualified official extended duty as a member of the Armed Forces.
* What is the track record of the armed forces or police in maintaining security of national stockpiles of small arms?
Kintex, a state-owned arms exporter established during the Communist era, has supplied clients ranging from Burundi--where it armed both government forces and insurgents fighting against them--to Croatia, which turned to Sofia for help during the Balkans war.
Some commentators have argued that the awkwardly worded article guarantees only members of a well-regulated militia, such as today's National Guard, a right to be armed. According to this view, the amendment protects a "collective right" for particular groups.
Generally, compensation paid to members of the armed forces is taxable as income for federal tax purposes.
Murrah federal building on April 19 and the reported involvement of perpetrators linked to armed rightwing militias finally made the danger of these groups evident to all.
As correctly interpreted, this section of the Second Amendment essentially states that in order for states to be able to create a well-regulated militia, should the necessity arise, and for the "free State" that it helps to secure, citizens should be armed so that they become sufficiently familiar with firearms and capable in their use.
In February 2001, the Croatian Armed Forces officially opened the Croatian Armed Forces Leader and Staff Simulation Center (CLSSC).
spawns the many armed conflicts which stain our world with blood."