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Fingal arose on the heath and shook his glittering spear.
The stranger arose and staggered off down the street.
In this case, B asserts that liability for its capitalized bankruptcy costs arose out of a Federal law (the Bankruptcy Code), because the incurring of the capitalized bankruptcy costs followed automatically under that Code when it filed for bankruptcy.
The data also indicated that body lice arose from head lice, as Stoneking expected.
Insight for Active Directory resolved three problems with third-party applications that arose during the beta test process," said Daryl Shorts of Our Lady of the Lakes Regional Medical Center.
To estimate when the gene's human version first arose, Varki's team developed a technique to extract various cell-surface sugars from bones, including fossilized ones.
In 1984, Congress amended the provision to include losses"with respect to" a liability that arose under a Federal or state law or out of any tort of the taxpayer.
The need for a framework arose from the jumble of confusing independence rules and regulations--many in the form of interpretations issued in response to specific independence questions--that applied to public companies and their auditors.
The 64-day trial arose as a countersuit by Lloyd's Name Sir William Jaffray against legal action by Lloyd's to collect his unpaid debts to the Society of Lloyd's.