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AROSEApple Realtime Operating System Environment
AROSEAsia Research Organization Search Engine
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"Fingal arose on the heath and shook his glittering spear.
The Princess was just about to order Eureka's head chopped off with the Tin Woodman's axe when that brilliant personage once more arose and addressed her.
The stranger arose and staggered off down the street.
The data also indicated that body lice arose from head lice, as Stoneking expected.
Wahhabism arose in opposition to both the (thoroughly Muslim) Ottoman Empire and to the indigenous Sufism of eighteenth-century Arabia.
The question arose: Are you black or are you a brand name junkie?
We are only made-up things, we told ourselves, and live in a make-believe world: all is only "simulation," "hyperreality," "appropriation." Two great assurances arose. There was the notion that nothing new can happen, and that we must content ourselves with more or less "ironical" recombinations juxtapositions, quotations of what has been.
parent company income offshore.(10) Second, starting in the early 1980s, concerns arose respecting (mainly Japanese-U.S.) in-bound transactions.(11) The substantive rules, of course, have been accompanied by not uncontroversial bookkeeping and reporting requirements particularly, again, aimed at in-bound transactions involving foreign-based multinationals under section 6038A, et seq.
1.1502-28T(a)(4), to the extent that excluded DOI income is not applied to reduce the tax attributes attributable to the DM or a lower-tier member (by reason of the look-through rule), the excess reduces the group's remaining consolidated tax attributes, including those attributable to members that arose (or treated as arising) in a SRLY, to the extent the member that realizes excluded DOI income is a member of the SRLY subgroup as to such attribute.