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A of FArticles of Faith (LDS scripture)
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Asian churches that have adopted the Twelve Articles of Faith have not even known their original texts, a knowledge that would be very helpful for them and other Asian churches.
The definition of the term "religion"--taken from George Mason, James Madison, and the United States Supreme Court--was "the duty which we owe to our Creator, and the manner of discharging it," which is your form of worship or articles of faith. The definition of religion is plain in history; it is plain in law; and it is what the federal courts are now disregarding.
Jerry Falwell in the late 1970s and helped launch the Moral Majority, but these days he no longer believes one of Falwell's core articles of faith: The United States was founded to be a Christian nation.
Shankly was obviously way ahead of his time and some of the methods he used may even have been considered eccentric at the time but are now considered articles of faith.
William Stimson examines the oddity of Buddhist insights presented as articles of faith rather than organic developments of the practice of meditation.
He argued that it is futile and nonsensical for a state to attempt to remove from culture its deeply ingrained articles of faith for the sake of ultimately giving offense to no one.
One particularly gruesome-but-accurate description appeared in the book Articles of Faith, a monumental account of the abortion controversy written by former Washington Post reporter Cynthia Gorney.
Tom McGrath's article "From generation to generation: How to pass on the articles of faith" (June)is thought-provoking, insightful, and helpful.
Her research identified eight articles of faith that underlie the phenomenal success of high-tech companies: egalitarianism, freedom, informality, trust, responsibility, teamwork, high performance and fun.
Because precision and trustworthiness have long been articles of faith for CPAs, self-regulatory bodies such as the AICPA SEC Practice Section (SECPS) have taken practical measures to address SEC complaints about the inadequacy of the audit process as it's applied today.
Her answer, Articles of Faith, isn't a treatise or manifesto.
Like Isaac Reed and Daniel Parker before him in Texas, Renfro came to question some of his church's teachings, its established articles of faith, its emphasis on doctrinal purity over acts of Christian piety, and his own position as a minister in the church.