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Archers can become an Artificer, an Assassin or a Tempest with varying degree of combat style:
But aircraft artificer Mr McCallum was killed aged 27 in an Argentine Exocet missile strike in June 1982.
Both the German philosopher Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz and the English chemist Robert Boyle imagined the divinely designed universe unfolding like a fireworks display, with one piece igniting another following an initial spark from the supreme artificer.
At this time my father Samuel Gale, an Ordnance Artificer in the Royal Navy, may have been billeted at 24 Louisa Street with the Jutsons or nearby.
Alongside the artifice, moreover, one always has to contend with an artificer, a spectral figure lurking in the wings.
Naturalist Henry David Thoreau believed the individual was the artificer of personal happiness.
Medals were presented to Lt Peter Bridgewater, Artificer Sgt Maj Courtney Richards, Sgt Billy Scott, Sgt Kevin Michel and Cpl Kalvin Woodward.
And the risk is at its steepest - its shrillest - when we address God, who (as Elaine Scarry has said) is both our artificer and our artifact - the artifact we have imagined as our artificer, in order to remake ourselves.
With Berkeley's philosophical approach used as scaffolding, Johnson "raise[s] the high wire of artistic performance" to make the writer the divine artificer of our culture ("Acceptance" 209).
This is no time to panic - the 49ers, after all, are 2-1 - but you bring in The Genius, this Crowned Head, the Picasso of the passing game, this eminence grise, the West Coast Offense artificer, this vainglorious visionary, The Professor, and, bang, it looks like your team is carrying Tom and Roseanne uphill in a wheelbarrow.
dwarfplural dwarfs or dwarvesIn folklore, a legendary humanlike being of small stature, usually misshapen and ugly and skilled as an artificer.
Tenders are invited for Term contract for artificer work for gj complex, red qtr area, mtc and offr mess area at chaf bangalore