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A/OAt Once
A/OAs Of
A/OAnalog Output
A/OArea of Operations
A/OAlert and Oriented (charting a patient's mental status)
A/OAcoustic/Optic (spectroscopy)
A/OAccounting Only
A/OAtomic Weight Percent
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In a similar way, the roles of the RS and AS of the proposed protocol are implemented and shown in Fig.
Furthermore, as of year-end 2013, HSBC-AS's core Tier 1 ratio declined to 10.29 per cent (Basel II) down from 12.48 per cent reported in 2012 and the capital adequacy ratio decreased to 14.92 per cent from 17.12 per cent in the same period.
In that sense, Tea is a departure, too--there's an acceptance of the inevitability of one's participation in the work, as well as of the negotiation between personal desires and the problems that arise in following them.