asTTLEAssessment Tools for Teaching and Learning (various locations)
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The standardised student achievement data, based on asTTle, at the beginning of the project confirmed low levels of achievement in all schools across years 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8, relative to national expectations.
Data on asTTle Writing reported in Table 2 show a greater than expected shift, according to national norms, in student achievement in writing in the participating schools.
Assessment tools for teaching and learning (asTTle) Version 4, 2005: Manual.
I use it is the asTTle assessment reports (the score on surface and deep are visually presented).
The asTTle program is one example of the power of computers to assist this.
Because asTTle writing is scored on a common scale, gain was calculated from total scores at the three time points.
Development of the asTTle writing assessment rubrics for scoring extended writing tasks (Tech.