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ASANAAmateur Sports Alliance of North America
ASANAAustralian Studies Association of North America (journal)
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While Asana is a very capable all-around project management tool, it has particular emphasis on tracking everything from projects to hiring to bugs in the code, which is why it's also being used by teams at fellow billion-dollar companies like AirBnB and Pinterest.
Asana BioSciences specializes in the discovery and development of new chemical and biological entities.
Asana translates to "pose," simply the postures assumed while practicing.
When I first started practicing yoga, I really appreciated how my teacher pointed out the specific physical, mental and emotional benefits that one reaped from practicing a particular group of asanas.
Keep in mind that the difference between aero yoga and circus acrobatics is the difference between yoga asana and gymnastics.
Lee does not focus on instructing about yoga poses, although a chapter on asana discusses the physical practice of yoga.
This would be a focused training where Yoga Asana, meditation and management experts will train the officers in aspects of creative thinking and innovation.
Taking over 120 hours to sculpt, each of the 12 figures in the kingdom was designed by ice artist Wenistuts Asana Amerasinghe, who has previously created works for Sir Elton John and the Queen.
Taking more than 120 hours to sculpt, each of the 12 figures was designed by world-renowned ice artist Wenistuts Asana Amera-singhe, who has previously created works for Sir Elton John and the Queen on her diamond jubilee.
A total of 30 jobs will be announced by three other businesses - San Francisco software company Asana, New York stock video firm Pond5 and network connectivity expert Wave2Wave which will base its international headquarters in Dublin.
Asana is used by high-flying tech firms like Uber, Airbnb and Dropbox.