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ASATAntisatellite Weapon (US DoD)
ASATAparri School of Arts and Trades (Aparri, Philippines)
ASATAspartate Aminotransferase
ASATAssociation for Science in Autism Treatment
ASATAutomated Systems Approach to Training (US Army)
ASATAutomated Systems Approach to Training
ASATAmerican Studies Association of Texas (American Studies Association)
ASATAlcohol and Substance Abuse Treatment
ASATAll Season All Terrain (camouflage)
ASATAmerican Society of Alternative Therapists
ASATAs Simple As That
ASATArmy Systems Approach to Training
ASATAutomatic Self-Allocating Threads
ASATAnemia, Sideroblastic, and Spinocerebellar Ataxia
ASATAustralian Society of Anaesthetic Technicians
ASATAir Search Attack Team
ASATAt-Sea Alignment Testing
ASATAffiliated Societies of the Alexander Technique
ASATAfloat Staff Aegis Training (US Navy)
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The main Soviet efforts in the antisatellite field focused on the IS (Istrebitel Sputnikov) ASAT system and its successors.
The Current Threat and the Future of China's ASAT Ambitions
A forecaster looking at the ASAT would be drawn to the period of significant SA values around 0000 UTC 22 January (Fig.
Apart from working on "directed energy weapons" at its Laser Science &Technology Centre, DRDO also has futuristic programmes for launching "mini-satellites on demand" for use in the battlefield as well as "EMP (electromagnetic pulse) hardening" of satellites and sensors to protect them against ASAT weapons.
Results of our current study confirm this and also demonstrate that increased ASAT may suggest the presence of NASH.
India claimed its ASAT capability is defensive in nature, but in actuality it is coercive in nature for obvious reasons.
Calibration curve for ALAT and ASAT were prepared according to the procedure of Reitman and Frankel (1957) as mentioned in Merck test manual methods.
China was the target of international uproar after it destroyed its own satellites in its first successful ASAT test in January 2007.
The test made India the fourth country in the world after the US, Russia and China to have the ASAT capabilities.
Pakistan has expressed deep concern over conduct of Anti-Satellite weapon (ASAT) test by India.
* ISRO scientist says the space debris created by ASAT demonstration will burn out in six months.