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ASNAmerican Society of Nephrology
ASNAbstract Syntax Notation
ASNAutonomous System Number
ASNAssistant Secretary of the Navy
ASNAviation Safety Network
ASNAutorité de Sûreté Nucléaire (French: Nuclear Safety Authority)
ASNAssociate of Science In Nursing
ASNAmerican Society for Nutrition (Bethesda, MD)
ASNAswan (Egyptian automobile license plate)
ASNAmerican Society for Neurochemistry (Windermere, FL)
ASNAdvance Ship Notices
ASNAdobe Solutions Network
ASNAverage Sample Number
ASNAdvanced Shipment Notification
ASNAmerican Society of Neuroimaging (Minneapolis, MN)
ASNAmerican Society of Naturalists
ASNAugmented Social Network
ASNAccess Stack Node (Baystream)
ASNAtlantic Satellite Network
ASNAutorite Sportive Nationale (French: National Sporting Association)
ASNAccess Service Node
ASNAcquired Situational Narcissism (psychology)
ASNAdditional Student Numbers (UK)
ASNAllotment Serial Number
ASNAssigned Serial Number
ASNAustralian Science Network
ASNArtificial Social Network
ASNATM Switching Network (Siemens/Stromberg-Carlson)
ASNAuxiliary Signal Network (Cisco)
ASNAT&T Switched Network
ASNArmy Service Number
ASNActive Sensor Network
ASNAIDS Support Network of San Luis Obispo County
ASNAbstract Symbol Notation
ASNAtomic Strike Net
ASNAssigned Sequence Number
ASNAutonomous and Spontaneous Networks (Symposium)
ASNAmerican Switching Network
ASNAvionics Systems Network
ASNAdvanced Shipment/Shipping Notice
ASNAssociation Sahel Nature (Burkina Faso)
ASNAccess Stack Note (Wescon)
ASNAutomated Surveillance Network
ASNA Sweet Niche (band)
ASNAd-Hoc Secondary Network (wireless communications)
ASNAerospatiale Norme (Romanian: Aerospace Standards)
ASNAfrican Solution Network (Bronx, NY)
ASNAmazon Stock Number (Amazon)
ASNAxon-Schwann Cell Network
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1A, the spectra for the reaction products of asparagines and histidine are shifted to lower wavelengths, with a shift about half as great as for albumin.
Interestingly, the incidence of the known side effects showed no correlation to either the GRASPA([R]) dosage or the asparagine depletion duration.
When utilized as a component of induction therapy for ALL, one dose of Oncaspar achieved similar levels of asparagine depletion as six to nine doses of native L-asparaginase.
Jude study shows mesenchymal cells in bone marrow supply leukemic cells with the amino acid asparagine, restoring this critical nutrient when it is depleted by the cancer drug asparaginase
A second structural change in HA was the A156T substitution, which resulted in glycosylation of asparagine 154 and is predicted to reduce its affinity for sialosides.
Amino acids containing amide and imine groups, such as citrulline, arginine, and asparagine, exhibited poor detection limits with the original formamidene derivatization method (6).
Henry Niman, predicted that the serine at position 227 (also called 223) would change to asparagine.
Additionally, 3-dimensional analysis suggests this amino acid substitution may also promote enhanced receptor binding since the asparagine R group is shorter, which may make binding requirements less stringent and the receptor cleft more accessible.
1]-antitrypsin molecule carries a high negative charge because of sialic acid residues on the three complex glycans attached to asparagine residues 46, 83, and 247 (13).
The most common mutation was aspartate (Asp)-87 to asparagine (AAC) and involved a change from aspartate (GAC) to AAC.
6,852,484, "Methods for the Identification of Inhibitors of Asparagine Synthase as Antibiotics," covering the discovery of a novel gene target for antibiotic development in a biochemical pathway by which fungi produce asparagine, a nutrient necessary for fungal growth.
The first 2 mutations were in the gyrA gene, which encodes DNA gyrase, at codon 83 (TCC to TTC), which substitutes phenylalanine for serine, and at codon 87 (GAC to AAC), which substitutes asparagine for aspartic acid.
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