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ASPICAsp Industry Consortium
ASPICApplication Service Provider Industry Consortium
ASPICAdvanced SCSI Programmable Interrupt Controller
ASPICArmed Services Personnel Interrogation Center
ASPICAssociation for Strategic Planning in Internal Communications
ASPICAide et Soutien pour la Préparation de l'Internat et des Certificats (French: Assistance and support for the preparation of boarding school certificates)
ASPICAuthor's Standard Prepress Interfacing Code
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"catch and effort data analysis" and "a stock production models incorporating covariates", abbreviated as CEDA and ASPIC, respectively.
For this purpose, we estimated the MSY biological reference points from a variety of surplus production models (Schaefer, 1954; Fox, 1970; Pella and Tomlinson, 1969) with different error assumptions by catch and effort data analysis (CEDA) (Hoggarth et al., 2006) and a non-equilibrium surplus production model ASPIC (a surplus-production model incorporating covariates, Prager, 2005) software.
The MSY values from ASPIC when IP = 0.9, for the Fox and logistic models were 34.4 t (R2 = 0.926), 30.5 t (R2 = 0.931) respectively.
If English Heritage had its own way, it seems every scrap of bricks and mortar in the country that can raise a nostalgic pang would be preserved in aspic forever.
Howard is too bland to make you care about him, the town he travels to could've been sealed in aspic (almost no traffic, practically no characters aside from the cast), while there are all sorts of little mistakes and continuity errors, including one weird bit where his mum declares it's time to go to bed at about 4pm.
Bruges was left to moulder, missing the industrial revolution and preserved in genteel aspic, just waiting for a discriminating 20th and 21st century tourist trade.
WE cannot, and nor should we try, to preserve ourselves and our loved ones in aspic.
While some progress has been made, it is indisputable that elite universities have, for too long, rested on their reputations and used them as an excuse to preserve themselves in aspic.
But although much of the city centre architecture has remained a constant for centuries, it would be wrong to assume Edinburgh is frozen in aspic.
Three surplus production models (SPMs) and three model error assumptions estimated by CEDA computer programme and two SPMs were estimated with ASPIC package.
In doing, the Lib-Dem leader, increasingly desperate for personal recognition, warns against people being "enslaved" by "a particular form of family from the 50s" which some would "preserve in aspic".
A few self-appointed guardians of the past who want the built environment to remain preserved in aspic? What about the young unemployed, young families, those on low incomes who want to better themselves?