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ASSEDAssistant d'Education (French: Education Assistant)
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The Department also assed the ongoing problem of flooding in cities whenever there is heavy rainfall, as well as the loss of large amounts of water and with the help of the various water boards has carried out a study for the evaluation of rain water in urban areas.
A controversial violent British gangster film labelled 'sick' and 'sordid', it was only assed by the British Board of Film Classification after four screenings and an appeal by the filmmakers.
Not only was my husband called Gahill, but I was called "a bottom of the barrel scum sucking whore who slept with or tried to sleepwith half the state," I was called a fat assed prostitute, our friend Dr.
Assed Baig, aged 24, and Darrel Williams, 21, criticised the college for banning religious societies and slammed heavy handed campus security in their newsletter the Guerilla.
Matthew Boulton College has been accused of over-reacting by the National Union of Students and scuppering Assed Baig and Darrel Williams's chances of applying for university.
After years of hand- wringing and prevarication, theGovernment has finally been embarr assed into offering some protection for workers who find themselves caught up in such crises.