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ASSERTAngelman Syndrome Support Education and Research Trust (UK)
ASSERTADEPT Subsystem for Scanning of Electronic Received Traffic
ASSERTAustralian Society of Sex Educators Researchers and Therapists
ASSERTAutomated System Security Evaluation and Remediation Tracking
ASSERTAugmentation Awards for Science and Engineering Training
ASSERTA Subsystem for Scanning of Electronic Received Traffic
ASSERTAdvanced Solution of Subchannel Equations in Reactor Thermalhydraulics
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Age differences between partners also contribute to power disparity and young people's inability to assert their sexual rights.
Where business is purposefully being transacted, courts might try to assert jurisdiction.
Jon Carter, Systems Manager at DE&S QS&EP: The roll-out of ASSERT across DE&S presents a great opportunity in terms of delivering Safety and Environmental performance reporting efficiencies to the organisation.
Because polarization is generally thought to start out perpendicular to the jet direction, any extra rotation, or twist, in the polarization of light should be readily apparent, Wardle and his colleagues assert.
Although McKay continues to assert that his team has not seen the whiskerlike shapes or the defects in microfossils from ALH84001, he also cites two older reports, previously overlooked, demonstrating that tiny bacteria can produce both whiskers and twinning.
Such motions assert that the dispute does not involve any triable issues of fact, such that the court can determine the legal dispute on the legal papers, without the necessity of a trial.
It asserted that this status gave rise to certain claims or obligations that the state can assert against it under the cy pres doctrine, the constructive-trust doctrine or a similar doctrine for the public benefit.
The court concluded that, under the unitary nexus theory, the comptroller could not assert that an out-of-state entity (MCI) had nexus based on the in-state presence of an affiliate, because the entity was not a "phantom corporation" (i.
Courts have held that this clause is not invalid, but have nevertheless often held that the tenant could assert its counterclaims, notwithstanding this clause.