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The assistant, however, did not confirm the doctor's words.
"Makar Alexeevich has the list," answered the assistant. "But if you'll step into the officers' wards you'll see for yourself," he added, turning to Rostov.
The assistant secretary had heard of Caproni and his discoveries, but admitted that he never had taken much stock in the one nor the other.
The tone of the Assistant Commissioner's remarks had been sour enough to set one's teeth on edge.
"With fortitude, please God," answered the Assistant Pocketer, his eyes to Heaven raising - "with fortitude and a firm reliance on the laxity of the law."
Jabez Wilson,' said my assistant, 'and he is willing to fill a vacancy in the League.'
Also, in spare moments, Collins, or his assistants, were for ever trying them out with all manner of tricks in the quest of special aptitudes on their parts.
Juxon turned to those present and begged them to leave him and his assistant alone with the king.
The assistant superintendent was so furious that for the first minute he could only splutter inarticulately.
Eady and his assistant were both "down street," and young Denis, who seldom deigned to take their place, was lounging by the stove with a knot of the golden youth of Starkfield.
At the same time, the two assistants began to fumble among their hideous arsenal.
Frere Sylvain added, turning towards his assistants,
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