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If he's not moving, do you assume he can't move--suddenly and violently?
Authoritarian leaders assume that the pastor must be the "mover," must initiate and promote programs.
To make matters worse, assume that the audited client had a high profile in a sensitive industry.
The new code also altered the obligations of bankrupt commercial tenants after they assume a lease.
Our analysis assumes the availability of 1,000 Hazmat personnel, compared to the 300 Hazmat workers (after attrition) used to perform the Brentwood cleanup and the roughly 3,000 licensed asbestos workers in New York State.
The effect of this language is the second party assumes responsibility (legal liability) for the negligent acts, errors, or omissions of the first party.
4) Don't assume that all of your export process needs have to be handled internally.
It however, teams are not focused clearly on their primary roles, experience role conflict, or waste valuable energy in political conflict, law enforcement should assume a leadership role.
In order to frame the discussion, assume the following facts.
In any acquisition, Reed notes, one either has to assume the acquiring company would have some sort of change of control provision, which means it has to come up with cash to pay the debt as part of the acquisition, or it has to come up with an alternative financing source without actually assuming the specific debt instrument.
For example, based on other recent experiments submitted for publication, Kitayama and Kyoto University colleague Takahiko Masuda argue that Japanese volunteers often do not assume that another person's behavior corresponds to his or her private attitudes.