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ASSUREAwards to Stimulate and Support Undergraduate Research Experiences (US DoD)
ASSUREAssociation for the Sustainable Use and Recovery (Europe)
ASSUREAlliance for Sound State Uniform Regulatory Efficiency (National Association of Insurance Commissioners)
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Well,' says he, 'but let me do some justice to the woman too; whoever she is, I do assure you she prompted me to nothing, she rather declined me.
First she said to him, in answer to what he had said about me, 'I am glad, sir, you are so just to the person that you were with; I assure you she is a gentlewoman, and no woman of the town; and however you prevailed with her so far as you did, I am sure 'tis not her practice.
If she had not been poor, sir ,' says my governess, 'I assure you she would never have yielded to you; and as her poverty first prevailed with her to let you do as you did, so the same poverty prevailed with her to pay herself at last, when she saw you were in such a condition, that if she had not done it, perhaps the next coachman might have done it.
Doctor Sarson assures me that we shall be able to send him on his way very shortly.
Elton would hesitate to assure you of there being a very musical society in Highbury; and I hope you will not find he has outstepped the truth more than may be pardoned, in consideration of the motive.
Weston seems an excellent creature quite a firstrate favourite with me already, I assure you.
Qantas Assure health insurance is powered by nib with a wellness program endorsed by The National Heart Foundation.
Communications services company BT announced on Wednesday that it has expanded its BT Assure portfolio with the addition of Assure Threat Defence, designed to help improve identification and reaction to advanced and sophisticated cyber security threats.
3 : to provide a guarantee of <assure their safety> <Hard work assures success.