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ASTNAutomatic Switched Transport Network
ASTNAutomatic Switched Transport Network (optical networks)
ASTNAutomatically Switched Transport Network (ITU-T)
ASTNAutomotive Satellite Television Network
ASTNAlternate Signaling Transport Network (AT&T)
ASTNAssociation of Secretary-Treasurers of Nunavik (Quebec, Canada)
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and Li, X.M.: 1996, Application of the residuals of astronomic time and latitude in the earthquake prediction.
In future, a digital planetarium and permanent astronomic exhibition will be added.
Bulgaria will enter the March solstice hailing the coming of the astronomic springtime on Saturday evening.
The economy is sinking into debts, as banks keep money under the National Bank's mattress, business owners and experts complain with regard to the astronomic amount of 90 million euros that the National Bank collected by auctioning treasury bills.
A full 8-page photo-illustrated glossary and index help to clarify astronomic terminology.
Costs may be astronomic. Travel restrictions and attempts at quarantine have proven ineffective.
Abdul Wahid Mohammad Al Beloushi (27), filed a complaint expressing his disdain at the determination of conmen to convince him that he had won astronomic amounts.
King said that tougher regulations were required and added that some bonuses being paid to executives were 'absolutely astronomic'.
The obvious thing is to cap the astronomic salaries and pensions for bank bosses.
The Russian Astronomic Society and the Research Board of the Russian Astronomy Academy are founders of this Olympiad.
Nevertheless, match-fixing and threats directed towards players and officials remains rife as one former Spartak Moscow player reveals despite, or perhaps because of, the astronomic salaries.
Exploring what astronomic lore has to say about 15,000 BC, in the Paleolithic era when Deneb, the brightest star in Cygnus, was the Pole Star, The Cygnus Mystery probes the roots of the amazing physical and neurological transformation in humanity from beasts to fully conscious and complex psychological beings, a metamorphosis that happened almost overnight in geological terms.