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The use of DBD requires complicated power sources with matching boxes; however, DBD can generate high-density plasma jets using air flow as the feedstock gas at atmospheric pressure.
We defined massive hemoptysis asMeteorological Data: The meteorological data (including daily mean atmospheric pressure (hectopascal hPa) mean relative humidity (%) and mean temperature (o C) between 2006 and 2011 were obtained from the Turkish State Meteorological Service.
Moving air mass is accompanied not only by changing atmospheric pressure, but also a change in temperature, humidity and other parameters that also affect the human body (Lupo 1998; Huth et al.
Even so, the predicted drop in atmospheric pressure will create conditions conducive to rain.
5 % HR % -- -- Atmospheric Pressure (mbar) -- -- Digital System UNITS SENSITIVITY ACCURACY P (bar) 0.
We know from the rovers Spirit and Opportunity (page 40) that even with sunlight only 43% as bright as on Earth and an atmospheric pressure less than 1% of ours, the dusty daytime sky from the surface of Mars is almost always too bright to permit stargazing.
Typhoon Guchol has an atmospheric pressure of up to 985 hectopascals and winds of up to 90 kph.
It had an atmospheric pressure of 915 hectopascals, packing winds of up to 198 kph near its center, the agency said.
However, when Gregoryanz and his colleagues raised the pressure on solid sodium beyond 30 gigapascals--300,000 times atmospheric pressure at sea level--the metal's melting temperature began to drop.
We call them pressure-equalizing tubes because they allow atmospheric pressure changes to be balanced across the tympanic membrane when the eustachian tube is blocked.
Awakowicz, TU Munich; "Pulsing surface discharge at atmospheric pressure for dielectric surfaces sterilization and barrier deposition," P.
Toraji had an atmospheric pressure at its center of 965 hectopascals and a maximum wind speed of 126 kph, according to the agency.
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