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The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration uses it for forecasting and research.
This press release is transmitted on behalf of Global Atmospherics Inc
More upscale atmospherics than big box consumer electronics stores.
Songs such as Hellbound and Glorious made full use of the contrast between Kim and twin sister Kelley's sweet, breathless vocals and the band's almost-sinister atmospherics.
The band sat down for the haunting atmospherics of Be Comfortable, Creature, but the highlight was a massive take on The Moon Is Down as instruments were bounced off the stage and attacked with bottles.
He laces his narrative with accurate descriptions of geography, atmospherics and nautical matters as well as insights into the life and philosophy of native Indians and wildlife, but it is a bit like a sixth form essay rather than a swashbuckling romp.
Over the course of the evening, members of hobbypopMUSEUM orchestrated a full-fledged Happening: Original music, trashy atmospherics, rambunctious drinking and chatter, off-the-runway fashion, and performative vignettes coexisted with the paintings.
An album which is at its best when listened to in a darkened room but sadly lacking the atmospherics of her debut.
Here Mendoza creates dreamy atmospherics that beautifully evoke Rome's romantic side.
This new structure allows us to capitalize on the combined strengths of our bulk atmospherics and CO2 sales and marketing organizations," said Fischer.
Dolby Digital provides listeners with better definition, improved atmospherics, and deep, resonating bass frequencies from all kinds of films, TV shows, live music, and sporting events.
The first album was built around the idea of soundtracks and atmospherics whereas the new album is built around songs.