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ATTENAtentamente (Spanish: attention)
ATTENAppalachian Trail Traffic Enforcement Network (Georgia, USA)
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The mean enhanced CT attenuation value and the ratio of lesion-to-cortex attenuation of RO and RCCs in all phases were calculated and analyzed with an unpaired t -test.
In fact, attenuation measurements show that poorly-fit earplugs often create a resonance cavity in the ear canal, actually increasing the noise level by a few decibels (similar to cupping your hand around your ear to hear better).
9 GE Healthcare has chosen the "trimodality solution", comprising a top PET/CT scanner, allowing measured attenuation correction, and MRI systems in two adjacent rooms with the patient transferred from one scanner to the other using a dockable table operating as a shuttle.
In addition to the analytical form derived, the attenuation constant of the dominant mode can also be evaluated based on simulated or measured power distributions along the tunnel, provided that the separation distance is sufficiently long such that all the higher modes are significantly attenuated as compared to the dominant mode which has the lowest attenuation constant [13].
In a previous paper [8], we studied, fabricated and measured such a IML structure, and a very low attenuation was obtained for this line at 8 GHz ([alpha] = 0.
Then by using the selected attenuation relationship of Boore and Atkinson (2008), response spectrum is developed considering site as rock having shear wave velocity value of 760 m/s.
It can be observed that the proposed DGS pattern has two attenuation poles while the traditional one has only one.
The Effects of the Plasma Density on the Attenuation of Electromagnetic Wave Propagation
Several works have been done by researchers on rainfall attenuation and raindrop size distribution in the tropical and equatorial regions, as well as in Durban (29[degrees]52'S, 30[degrees]58'E), South Africa [7-17].
And by this device, we could simultaneously track the evolution of temperature, pressure, and ultrasonic velocity and attenuation of the polymer melt in the slit die.
In searching for the base attenuation data in isotropic materials, we found the scarcity of Lamb wave data even for Al.
The losses from the interconnect that cause attenuation result in less signal at the receiver.