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ATTENAtentamente (Spanish: attention)
ATTENAppalachian Trail Traffic Enforcement Network (Georgia, USA)
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These magnitudes types need to be converted to a uniform type MW, using Scordilis (2006) relations, before the catalog can be used for input in attenuation relations and seismic hazard analysis.
The steady solution of the kinetic equation of the order parameter and expressions for the sound dispersion relation and ultrasonic attenuation coefficient are obtained in Section 4.
To tackle these problems, this paper proposes a method for attenuation correction of radar reflectivity by using measurement of arbitrary oriented microwave link.
where [E.sub.0] is the vertical electric field of the same dipole source located on a flat and perfectly conducting ground and W is the attenuation function accounting for the Earth's curvature ([rho]) and finite ground conductivity ([sigma]).
The purpose of the paper was to research on the attenuation law of the shock wave in the pipeline in the nongas combustion area.
Fog is the most serious attenuation for FSO system due interaction of particles size of fog which is similar to the transmission wavelength source called scattering attenuation [11].
Absorption of electromagnetic energy is defined as the power absorbed per unit volume and by the attenuation distance or the skin depth ([delta]), which expresses the magnitude of electromagnetic energy attenuated inside the material.
To achieve 1000 times the radiation attenuation of container as informed by TINT and to follow the radiation dose limitation as informed by ICRP, our objective function was limited at 0.1 mSv/hr or
In the present study, our aim is to analyze the attenuation of GNSS signals received beneath a sunflower cover, in order to estimate the water content of local vegetation.
where [k.sub.I] is the attenuation wave vector, whose scalar value is determined by (6); r is propagation distance vector, whose scalar value is determined by (7):