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ATTRAttribute (computer programming)
ATTRAmyloid Transthyretin
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In addition, the study found that those who are both waivered and have not completed a high school degree are the most likely to attrite for "unsuitable" reasons (Hall 1999).
Of course, this does not take into account the students who attrite (or those who enter late).
Unobserved noncompliers ("attriters") are a problem in a randomized study if the characteristics of students who attrite among the lotteried in are different from the characteristics of students who attrite among the lotteried out.
Army needed an air plan to attrite the Iraqi ground forces by 50%.
15) For instance, women who attrite or who do not know how many sick visits their child has had may differ in systematic ways from those who do.
What's more, they may attrite without ever giving you a chance to encourage their loyalty.
By not availing themselves of opportunities for social integration, these students could exacerbate their loneliness, further depress their grades, and eventually attrite.
Individuals who attrite from the sample before age 20 without reporting grades completed are excluded.
Now whether we actually have any layoffs -- or attrite the folks over a period of time -- I couldn't tell you," he said.
Even limited and imperfect defenses create time and space for diplomacy or to attrite adversary missile forces with other means.
Another case occurs when the low numbers in recruitment are aggravated by the fact that many military personnel attrite prior to the completion of their initial contracts.