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(3) Lung cancer can cause referred pain in the periauricular region by compressing the vagus nerve, and this pain can be misdiagnosed as dental pain, atypical facial pain, TMD, or TN.
Atypical facial pain: clinical considerations and differential diagnosis.
Differential diagnosis of NICO includes trigeminal neuralgia atypical facial pain phantom toothache causalgia burning mouth syndrome and TMJ/ myofacial pain and dysfunction syndrome.15
Table 1: Study variables Variable Total number (Percentage) Patient variables Gender Male 73(68.2) Female 34(31.8) Age 19-22 years 46(28.9) 27-31 years 37(23.3) Location Teeth in Right 84 (52.8) Indication for removal variables Pain 53 (33.3) Prophylactic 44 (27.7) Resorption of adjacent distal root of 2nd molar 22 (13.8) Orthodontic purpose 17 (10.7) Associated pathological lesion 14 (8.8) Atypical facial pain 9 (5.7) Radiographical variables Angulations Mesioangular 71 (44.7) Horizontal 36 (22.6) Width I 57 (35.8) III 28 (17.6) Depth A 57 (35.8) C 19 (11.9) Number of roots Multiple 87(54.7) Uncompleted 15 (9.4) Difficulties Difficult 24 (15.1) Simple 37 (23.3) Operative-specific variables Flap type Triangular 138 (86.8) Envelop 21 (13.2) Bone removal With 124 (78) Without 35 (22) I.A.N.
However, surprisingly, despite the possible roles of central sensitization and of psychogenic factors such as anxiety or depression in BMS neuropathic pain, it appears that, in persons with BMS, the co-occurrence of other chronic neuropathic pain disorders (central sensitivity syndromes) including fibromyalgia, atypical facial pain, trigeminal neuralgia, temporomandibular joint pain, back pain, and vulvodynia is rare [15, 33].
Analysis showed the following results; Patients suffering from tempo mandibular disorders (TMD) 72(38%), trigeminal neuralgia (TN) 45 (23%), burning mouth syndrome 24(12.6%), atypical facial pain 18(9.5%) Dental pain 15(7.9%), tension type headache 6(3.17%), oro pharyngeal tumors 9(4.7%).
His affliction, known as atypical facial pain, sends "excruciating" pain shooting through his face, neck and skull.
New uses under investigation include diabetic peripheral neuropathy, postherpetic neuralgia and atypical facial pain. Each of these pain syndromes is difficult to treat with few effective options.
Extraoral Pain Disorders comprise disor-ders of TMJ, atypical facial Pain, disorders of muscles of mastications, neuralgias (trigeminal and glossopha-ryngeal).6
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