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ATXAdvanced Technology Extended (motherboard type)
ATXAutomatic Transmission (automotive)
ATXAudioText (voice processing system for call centers)
ATXAustin, Texas
ATXAviation Training Exercise
ATXAutomatic Transaxle (Automotive)
ATXAustrian Traded Index
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Cross marketing systems together - an audiotext system with a multimedia system or web site, for example - doubles your efforts and increases your purchase power.
As the environment of healthy innovation quickens, Bachman predicts an increase in hybrid audiotext, in which 800 and 900 will be merged.
Consumers would lose the inexpensive and safe form of audiotext and entertainment because most audioconference providers would be forced to leave the market, due to cost of implementing changes.
We'll discuss when it makes sense to use audiotext on the opinion pages and explore computer bulletin board services.
is one of America's largest sports information services companies, providing sports handicapping selections and sports analyses, odds, scores, injuries and commentary delivered via Internet, telephone, audiotext, 900 numbers, television and radio.
has signed a new $3,000,000 yearly contract with a leading provider of International audiotext services to provision National 900 services in Canada.
When The Miami Herald invited readers to call its audiotext line for a recitation of editorial endorsements, they responded in droves.
AIS has already deployed several services using the IVR system, including voice mail for mobile subscribers and various information retrieval audiotext services.
During her tenure she helped to launch new products like home and auto magazines and the new media of the time, Audiotext.
As of As of As of As of As of 09/30/02 06/30/02 03/31/02 12/31/01 09/30/01 Access lines (fixed) 83,791 82,043 81,386 79,913 77,497 Cellular subscribers lines 67,931 57,048 51,244 39,206 25,862 International Long-Distance Traffic: For the Three Months For the Nine Months Ended Ended 09/30/02 06/30/02 03/31/02 09/30/02 09/30/01 International Minutes of Traffic: Inbound 26,327 24,762 19,364 70,453 55,934 Audiotext 425 714 958 2,097 2,495 Total inbound 26,752 25,476 20,322 72,550 58,429 Outbound 4,975 4,644 4,484 14,103 14,736 Total 31,727 30,120 24,806 86,653 73,165 International Minutes of Traffic Mix: Inbound 83.
The service is not available for certain numbers: short-code numbers (such as "1014" customer service or "12" directory assistance), international long-distance calls (including French overseas departments), toll-free numbers, audiotext services, payphones and calls made using another carrier (in this case the regular busy tone is heard).
As of As of As of As of 06/30/02 03/31/02 12/31/01 06/30/01 Access lines (fixed) 82,043 81,386 79,913 75,136 Cellular subscribers lines 57,048 51,244 39,206 18,412 International Long-Distance Traffic: For the Three For the Six Months Ended Months Ended 06/30/02 03/31/02 06/30/02 06/30/01 International Minutes of Traffic: Inbound 24,762 19,364 44,126 35,567 Audiotext 714 958 1,672 1,683 Total inbound 25,476 20,322 45,798 37,250 Outbound 4,644 4,484 9,128 9,573 Total 30,120 24,806 54,926 46,823 International Minutes of Traffic Mix: Inbound 82.