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ATXAdvanced Technology Extended (motherboard type)
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ATXAutomatic Transmission (automotive)
ATXAustrian Traded Index
ATXAutomatic Transaxle (Automotive)
ATXAutomatic Transmission
ATXActive X
ATXAdvanced Technology Extended
ATXAudioText (voice processing system for call centers)
ATXAviation Training Exercise
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Another feature of the PhoneMaster 2000 slated to be running by the fall is a teacher hotline that establishes an audiotext message box for each teacher.
Nevada, Gazette-Journal's audiotext line that lets readers sample new CDs assessed by a Generation X-aged reviewer.
If the concept you are promoting is a "24-hour City Hall" audiotext system, the brochure should be inexpensive enough to get into every citizen's hands and be clear enough to show them exactly how to call for "dog license" information.
specializes exclusively in interactive media such as multimedia, audiotext, online services, CBT, etc.
The lack of user control was also used to justify government restrictions targeted specifically at indecent audiotext services-so-called "dial-a-porn" or 900-number services.
The information superhighway and developments that affect how people receive news, advertising, and other information - developments such as videoconferencing, audiotext and interactive multimedia - are changing the roles of communicators.
translation services; training for staff dealing with foreign customers); ii) traditional standardised services with transactional content (insurance contracts; banking advice for the management of foreign currency operations); iii) technology related services, such as telex, videotext and audiotext, mainly used for communication and information purposes.
Louis and soon at our paper in Tucson, we're engaged in Audiotext, or the use of the telephone for the delivery of information.
An introduction to electronic newspapers, libel and other legal problems in the electronic world, the widespread use of on-line services, and the use of Audiotext were discussed, while metaphors like "user-hostility levels" and "road kill" were light-heartedly used to describe the initial fears associated with the electronic world.
The audiotext services will be customized for each of the Granite stations: KNTV, an ABC affiliate serving parts of California; WPTA-TV, an ABC affiliate in Fort Wayne, Ind.
Eventually, audiotext might be used to retrieve data by telephone instead of a computer terminal.
These include audiotext gateways, videotex gateways, voice-messaging services, and electronic messaging gateways.