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AUGAugustus (title for a Roman emperor)
AUGAustralian University Games
AUGApple User Group
AUGAxalon Underground (webpage)
AUGArmee-Universal-Gewehr (German: Army Universal Gun)
AUGAmerican Underwriters Group
AUGAdd-ons & Upgrades
AUGAugusta Railroad Company
AUGAdministrative Unit Group (IETF)
AUGAugusta, ME, USA - Maine State (Airport Code)
AUGapplication user group (US DoD)
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AUGAl-Azhar University of Gaza (Gaza-Strip - Palestine)
AUGAutomatic Universal Gerwehr
AUGArab United Group (importing and exporting; Cairo, Egypt)
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superior augment baseplate or posterior augment baseplates versus allograft or autograft) due to insufficient sample sizes; instead, the graft and augment subgroups were combined.
The decision is a vindication of sorts for the company, which had its PMA for Augment rejected in August 2013.
investigator for Augment's American pivotal trial in North America and chief of the foot and ankle service in the department of orthopedic surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, said: "The FDA approval of Augment provides a valuable new therapeutic healing option as an alternative to autograft in ankle and/or hindfoot fusion procedures, which is especially important since the outcomes of these interventions can at times be complicated by delayed union or non-union.
According to the company, this will be the first publication of physician experience using the Augment treatment and includes a new analysis by Fakih IVF in the United Arab Emirates in which eggs from the same woman during the same IVF cycle were prospectively allocated to two treatment groups: one group of eggs received the Augment treatment during IVF and the other group of eggs received only IVF.
Sundin said it's not easy for the Operations Center, or any organization, to voluntarily let their people go for any period of time to augment in the field, especially when everyone these days is doing more with less.
Augmented Posterior stabilized modular knee replacement prosthesis consisting of Femoral componentsize C/3 (asymmetric deep trochlear groove, with variable radii for condyles), titanium/cobalt chrome tibial componentsize C/3 (Highly polished top surface, modular with provision for attaching stem extension), crosslinked polyethylene modular articular insert, polyethylene patellar component (three pegs); one medial tibial augment, one tibial extension stem with option of at least 4mm offset; USFDA APPROVED
Over the last year, Augment has increased its revenue by over 200 percent and expanded its customer base to include AccorHotels, Coca-Cola Germany, Engie and L'Oreal.
Results show that augment use began at 7[degrees] retroversion with 100% use at 14[degrees].
According to the company, the AUGMENT treatment is based on its egg precursor cell (EggPC) technology that is being developed to improve egg quality and the success of in vitro fertilization (IVF).
The same size of each posterior augment glenoid implant design type was then seated in each corresponding glenoid defect size; cortical and cancellous bone were removed from the bone model to restore the retroversion of the original scapula and permit fully-seating of each glenoid implant.
M2 PHARMA-February 1, 2011-FDA schedules Advisory Panel meeting for review of BioMimetic's Augment Bone Graft PMA(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
M2 EQUITYBITES-February 13, 2014-OvaScience wins two patents covering AUGMENT fertility treatment in the US