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AuAfrican Union (formerly Organization of African Unity)
AuAir University (US Air Force)
AuAustralia (top-level domain name)
AuAudio (file name extension)
AuAudio Unit
AuAmerican University (Washington, DC, USA)
AuAssessment Unit
AuAdelaide University (University of Adelaide, Australia)
AuAnderson University (Indiana)
AuAssumption University
AuAlfred University
AuAutomatic (welding)
AuAmericans United (for the Separation of Church and State: Washington, DC)
AuAutodesk University (online classes)
AuAutomatic Updates (Microsoft Windows)
AuAstronomical Unit
AuAuburn University (Auburn, Alabama)
AuAlternate Universe
AuAdministrative Unit
AuAurora University
AuAnna University (India)
AuAarhus Universit (University of Aarhus; Denmark)
AuAshland University
AuAthabasca University
AuAndrews University
AuAuthorized User
AuAngeles University (Philippines)
AuAbout Uncirculated (numismatics; coin condition)
AuAdelphi University
AuAurum (Latin: Gold)
AuAdamson University
AuAberdeen University (UK; aka University of Aberdeen; also seen as UoA)
AuAberystwyth University (Aberystwyth, UK)
AuAshford University (Clinton, IA)
AuAccess Unit
AuAction Unit
AuAvila University
AuAnnamalai University (India)
AuArgosy University
AuAdaptation Unit
AuAndhra University (India)
AuAccessible Unit
AuAnother Universe (comics)
AuAnkara University
AuAddressee Unknown
AuAlopecia Universalis
AuAssociated Universities
AuAlcohol Unit
AuAnadolu University
AuAcorn User (magazine)
AuAmerican Racing Pigeon Union (Oklahoma City)
AuArbitrary Unit
AuAtomic Unit
AuAtheists United
AuAverett University (Danville, VA)
AuArithmetic Unit
AuAdaptive Unit
AuATM User
AuAlways Usually
AuAngstrom Unit
AuAuxiliary Unit
AuAmman University
AuAssociate in Underwriting (insurance)
AuUnity Alliance (Nicaragua)
AuAquinas University
AuAmbassador University
AuAbsorbance Unit
AuAuthors System
AuArellano University (Manila, Philippines)
AuAligarh University (India)
AuAlignment Unit
AuAnalyzer Unit
AuApache University
AuAraullo University
AuEncoded Audio Format (file extension; Sun and NeXT)
AuAuris Uterque (Latin: each ear)
AuAutomated Underwriter
AuAuthentication Unification (Sprint)
AuAvionics Upper (panel)
AuAnställningsutskottet (Swedish: Employment Committee)
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Devji aurum has been doing business with Alfardan Jewellery for more than four decades and the jeweller says their company is well aware of the tastes, likes and interests of customers in the Qatari market.
She repeated the Aurum 30C infrequently over the next year and a half, and we spoke with Carolyn every few months.
The GDN reported last week that Devji Aurum showcased more than 700 varieties of bridal jewellery collections at the expo.
In connection with the agreement between Birks and Aurum, the Birks brand collections of fine jewelry will be offered in 14 locations in the UK at various Mappin and Webb and Goldsmiths locations as well as through the two banners' e-commerce sites.
The time is right for saffron to embrace new technologies, just like grapevine and corn did before it," said Aurum Julii's president Luigi Campello.
Aurum Real Estate set a vibrant itinerary, which ensures that TREK will have an understanding about Dubai real estate projects, meet the developers and other realty companies.
By adding a commercial and manufacturing presence in Malaysia through Aurum, we believe this deal will be beneficial for our group operating companies.
The more sunlight the cells soak up, the more energy they generate--and the faster Aurum can go.
47 percent stake in Atlantic Aurum to San Miguel Holdings for an undisclosed amount.
Aurum, which has about 150 stores in the UK and Ireland, said it continued to consider seeking potential new owners for the business after advisers were hired to oversee the sale of the London-based company last year.
nd, ers o Aurum, who have around 150 stores in the UK and Ireland, said they continued to mull potential new owners for the business after advisers were hired to oversee the sale of the London company last year.
Aurum, which has around 150 stores in the UK and Ireland, said that it continued to mull potential new owners for the business after advisers were hired to oversee the sale of the London-based company last year.