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AUSPEXAtmospheric Utility Signatures, Predictions, and Experiments
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In conjunction with the agreement, Concert assigned to Auspex a US patent application relating to deuterium-substituted analogs of pirfenidone under the patent assignment agreement.
Auspex specialises in applying deuterium chemistry to known molecules to create novel therapies with the potential for improved safety and efficacy profiles.
The report provides brief overview of Auspex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Review of current pipeline of Auspex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Auspex and Ixia demonstrated approaches that agencies could use to meet the 2012 milestone.
The Auspex NSc3000 and NSc3000V provide industry-leading performance in excess of 19,700 IOPS in UNIX environments as well as the ability to support thousands of users simultaneously, making the platform suitable both for mid-tier applications and for large enterprise deployments.
The Auspex XA also would connect to the fiber channel network we had installed when we deployed our SAN.
We selected the Auspex NS2000 for several reasons," Christians says.
Enterprise storage solutions provider Auspex Systems has unveiled a new storage controller aimed at allowing organisations to store and access data on storage systems.
Yesterday, the company announced that storage appliance maker Auspex Inc was using its technology.
UK-based Demon Internet has selected Auspex Systems Inc to provide its subscriber base with continuous access to one of its services.
Auspex is developing SD-809 for the treatment of hyperkinetic movement disorders including Huntington's disease, Tourette syndrome and tardive dyskinesia.