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AUTHNAuthorization (also seen as Authz)
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Understanding payer-specific authorization requirements and monitoring for confirmation of payer decisions are two of the core pre-authorization activities that currently depend on disjointed, manual processes that cost both time and money.
The practitioner's information (name, address, Centralized Authorization File (CAF) number, preparer tax identification number (PTIN), telephone number, and fax number); and
A CAF number is a unique nine-digit identification number assigned to a practitioner the first time he or she files an authorization form with the IRS.
We conclude that the (hospital) district unreasonably withheld recognition of SEIU by treating the 'no union' slips as revoking the SEIU authorization cards,'' the PERB ruling said.
With any of these email address authorization schemes, the email address domain owner may be prone to being unfairly held accountable.
Patients are wrongly being told that they need prior authorization for antiretrovirals.
offices will need to obtain written authorization from patients permitting the office to leave messages for them on their personal answering devices
10-Preauthorized Transfers, under 10(b) Written Authorization for Preauthorized Transfers from Consumer's Account, paragraph 5.
One way to achieve this would be to require users to specify for every object they own whether a specific access by a user should be allowed or denied by the authorization mechanism.
In certain areas of Soho and Tribeca, in buildings that are either landmarked or within an historic district, regulations relat-Community Boards, Borough Presidents, the City Planning Commission and the City Council, and can take up to seven months ing to allowable locations for loft dwellings and joint living/work quarters for artists are waivable by authorization of the City Planning Commission.
What is the legal significance of requiring an applicant for employment to sign an authorization for the release of personnel information?
Plan policies and procedures (primarily about the authorization system).
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