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A/PAutomatic Pilot
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A/PAcquisition Programmer
A/PAutomatic Phase Controller
A/PAnnuity given a Principal
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Aircraft was powered by PW127Ms and underwent tests of its engines, avionics, flight data recording, automatic pilot system, hydraulic and electrical systems, among others.
As he told the Court, when they heard the warning, they deactivated the automatic pilot, and reduced the power of the engines, as they thought the warning was the take off warning, which is activated when the aircraft is taking off with high power engine.
This upset the aircraft's computers which in turn caused the automatic pilot to disconnect.
to the automatic pilot, that had been engaged for the landing".
He said he would want to hear evidence on the safety belt system as well as the automatic pilot, and the "faults present within it".
It has made me totally aware of how sometimes I am driving in automatic pilot.
The automatic pilot system relieves the anaesthetist of one of his tasks so that he can devote himself to the extremely important job of monitoring the patient's state," said Professor Marc Fischler, head of anaesthetics at Foch Hospital in Suresnes.
THERE I was on the motorway, minding my own business with the car on automatic pilot (cruise control) when there was a beeping and the brakes were gently applied without me touching a thing.
Close to half of those surveyed have not reviewed their policy in the past year--and many have not done so for the past 10 years, leaving their original decision about coverage on automatic pilot.
Despite the Belgian pilot showing great skill to get the plane airborne again after the Nottingham incident, cargo company TNT said today that he and his co-pilot had been sacked after accident investigators found that the automatic pilot had been accidentally switched off in the approach to Nottingham, sending the plane off course.
Adam Powell did a great job picking up the ball to gain that few vital extra yards and I just went onto automatic pilot.
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