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A new 10-speed automatic transmission AWR10L65 (AGA0) was developed for "Driving pleasure".
Now, with the addition of an optional automatic transmission, an entirely new group of customers will be able to experience the thrill of driving the Fiat 500 Abarth lineup.
At present, Maruti's mid-size model SX4 has an automatic transmission variant, which is priced about Rs 70,000 more than the manual transmission variants, said Srivastava.
BorgWarner is honored to join CDUI and its 12 Chinese OEM partners in bringing the benefits of DualTronic technology--improved fuel economy, lower emissions and a dynamic yet comfortable driving experience--to the growing automatic transmission market in China.
The automatic transmission features Land Rover's CommandShift for manual sequential gear-changing and a sports mode for more spirited driving.
To manufacture the transmission, which is expected to offer "up to four-percent improvement in fuel economy over traditional four-speed automatic transmissions available in today's four-wheel-drive cars," GM is investing $350 million and Ford is investing $370 million.
CHRYSLER has added a new version of its Voyager people carrier,combining a diesel engine and automatic transmission.
An MMC's subsidiary, which has so far produced automatic transmission system, will merge with JATCO TransTechnology's AT.
This power plant sends 350 horsepower to the rear wheels via a five-speed automatic transmission.
FOOD Share needed a vehicle with an automatic transmission because volunteers typically serve as drivers, and not all of them know how to work a stick shift on a large truck, he said.
At the exact same time "the call" was being made, in the first quarter of 1997, Acadia Polymers' new automatic transmission rotational test machine went on-line.
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