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Rather, the union said the bill on local government autonomy is still under consideration by 26 houses of assembly across the country, as only 10 houses of assembly have so far considered the bill and passed it to the Chairman of Conference of Speakers of states houses of assembly for transmission to the National Assembly.
Analyzing the right to be heard enshrined in the United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child, Daly finds that it provides little respect for children's legal autonomy and too many excuses to override children's wishes because it leaves adults--mostly judges--with all of the discretion and therefore all of the power.
I think there is no harm in extending to the demands of autonomy in Jammu and Kashmir as per the agreement made in 1952.
Regional leaders have pursued a third autonomy law, the latest version being House Bill No.
Domogan acknowledged the increasing awareness of Cordillerans on the real essence of autonomy but he said this level of awareness needs to be converted to votes in favor of autonomy once Congress crafts an autonomy law that is acceptable to the people.
Critics of autonomy point to the power of the media, the influence of consumer society or the influence of ideologies to argue that ordinary people are far too overwhelmed by these forces to think for themselves and act in accordance with their interests.
15) A sexual autonomy right, irreducible to first person present active (or passive) consent, redraws statutory lines of sexual permissibility and impermissibility.
Positive responses to the autonomy questions were summed to create five-point scales.
The concept of autonomy is commonly associated with the political realm.
Beijing: A senior Chinese official has denounced the Dalai Lama's long-standing pursuit of autonomy for Tibet, describing it as equivalent to advocating Tibetan independence, state media said on Saturday.
8 billion hit as a result of fraudulent activity and misrepresentations made by Autonomy, the software company HP acquired in 2011 for $11.
Giving task autonomy to employees is generally expected to result in higher motivation, satisfaction, and performance (Argote & McGrath, 1993; Dwyer, Schwartz, & Fox, 1992; Langfred & Moye, 2004; Loher, Noe, Moeller, & Fitzgerald, 1985; Spector, 1986).
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