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AUTOPSYAutomated Peak Peaking in NMR Spectroscopy
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District Judge Larry Alan Burns denied requests by prosecutors and defense attorneys to issue gag orders sealing the autopsy reports and banning public statements by the Pima County Medical Examiner's Office.
Judge Agnes said the need for a second autopsy had not been established to the court's satisfaction.
Bruising is a significant marker for other injuries in infants presenting to coronial autopsy, and homicide occurs more commonly in this group, conclude the authors.
The recommendations include using personal protective equipment as well as heavy gloves to help prevent cuts or sticks from cutting instruments or bone fragments and to use ample amounts of a 10 percent sodium hypochlorite solution during and after an autopsy to ensure decontamination of all exposed surfaces and equipment.
A doctor who conducted the first autopsy - on the basis of which police initially dismissed the death as a drowning - has been suspended.
A first autopsy on 15-year-old Keeling concluded she had drowned, leading to charges by her family of a cover-up.
Previous medico-legal autopsy diagnoses after sport-related deaths in our personal experience in Durban included cardiomyopathy, coronary artery disease, Marfan's syndrome and ruptured cerebral berry aneurysms.
The court held, inter alia, that, while it was sympathetic to the plaintiffs' plight, it could not impose a duty to perform an autopsy on the hospital since it agreed with the trial court that there were no material issues of fact.
Most often, this evidence consists of the surgical pathology report for removed tissues and/or the results of an autopsy.
labor leader Miguel Contreras, with questions raised about whether local officials blocked an official autopsy.
Patients: During the study period, 1,619 patients expired during hospitalization, of which 223 underwent autopsy.