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AUXAuxiliary Input Jack (tape recorders and other electronic devices)
AUXAuxiliary Verb
AUXAbsence Unexcused (various schools)
AUXApple Unix
AUXAsia US Express (shipping)
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When auxiliary verbs with semantic content such as 'can', 'will', or 'may' are available to satisfy the OB-HD constraints of verbal projections, 'do' will be ruled out of entry to the projection by the FULL-INT constraint.
Table 1: auxiliary verb in question and its transformations.
A second characteristic of the Italian passato prossimo is linked to the selection among the two possible auxiliary verbs essere and avere.
Anderson's monograph is, to my knowledge, the most comprehensive study of inflectional patterns of auxiliary verb constructions to date.
The raters suggested placing the adverb after the first auxiliary verb.
The focus of this article is particularly on the structural and semantic characteristics of -ba when functioning as an auxiliary verb stem in word group context.
I found the classification of 'probably' in the sentence, 'Emily will probably start school next year' as an auxiliary verb (degree of uncertainty) difficult to swallow.
Table 3 illustrates the well-known collocational phenomenon in which grammatical morphemes such as the pronouns his and her; the linking verb/ auxiliary verb were; and words from categories such as prepositions, articles, conjunctions, and modal verbs are likely, in part due to frequency, to surface in collocations.
Passive sentences always contain an auxiliary verb and a past participle.
In an intervention condition, children were provided with two opportunities to hear a modeled auxiliary verb, such as "Where can you see the woman?
Emergence of negation with auxiliary verb ("daddy is not playing") = 33%
Nigel Quayle closes this first section with a discussion of 'get' as a possible auxiliary verb.