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AVAILAsbestos Veterans Assistance Information League
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Though the company, by treaty, have a right to a participation only, in the trade of these regions, and are, in fact, but tenants on sufferance; yet have they quietly availed themselves of the original oversight, and subsequent supineness of the American government, to establish a monopoly of the trade of the river and its dependencies; and are adroitly proceeding to fortify themselves in their usurpation, by securing all the strong points of the country.
Though I knew she could not be in camp, I searched every square inch of the compound and all the buildings, yet without avail.
Nor will all the qualities I have hitherto given my historian avail him, unless he have what is generally meant by a good heart, and be capable of feeling.
Bright's audacity (so far as that endowment might avail) had enabled him to take full advantage of whatever capabilities they offered.
His Dog availed himself of the occasion to invite a stranger Dog, a friend of his, saying, "My master gives a feast, and there is always much food remaining; come and sup with me tonight." The Dog thus invited went at the hour appointed, and seeing the preparations for so grand an entertainment, said in the joy of his heart, "How glad I am that I came!
But what avails it to point out what is the height of injustice if this is not?
I felt that no words of condolence availed, and I let him lie there quietly.
But Toby and I had our own game to play, and we availed ourselves of the confusion which always reigns among a ship's company preparatory to going ashore, to confer together and complete our arrangements.
This was the opportunity we desired, and Toby and I availed ourselves of it at once by stealing out of the canoe-house and plunging into the depths of an extensive grove that was in its rear.
Founded in 2002, Avail has significant experience advising companies across a wide range of industries and has a particular depth of capabilities in real estate valuation, equipment valuation, cost segregation and business valuation.
SFP recommends that the AVAIL phosphorous fertilizer enhancer be used at the normal application rates rather than reducing them.
I have networked, self-assessed, and done everything else I know, to no avail, I am afraid that the huge gap on my resume will hurt me.