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AVALAssessment of Vulnerability and Lethality (Sweden)
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Clearly, 2004 was one of those years, and it's exciting to see how well Westchester business generated demand and held new availability at bay.
Business needs have changed and the users have driven an accelerating tide of change, which has altered our perspective on availability both in terms of technology and methodology.
Through extensive testing, we found the ES7000 running at almost five-nines of availability.
The combination of SteelEye LifeKeeper and DB2 for Linux provides customers with high availability failover support for enterprise applications like mySAP Business Suite, delivering 24x7 mission-critical uptime while lowering the total cost of computing.
Working with Marathon gives us an opportunity to augment our current IT offerings with cost-effective, reliable high availability solutions," said Mitumasa Okamoto, Corporate Officer of Uniadex.
Dual porting provides two independent data paths, allowing for higher levels of availability by eliminating single points of failure.
Both the direct and sublease availability rates tumbled: the direct rate decreased from 10.
Using the RainWall High Availability Platform, administrators have the freedom to choose best-of-breed Internet gateway applications without sacrificing availability or performance while achieving the cost and time saving benefits of an integrated high availability platform.
AimNet was attracted to Marathon's use of virtualization technologies to make high availability solutions reliable and cost-effective.
However, due to the continuing influence of space made available at the end of last year, the county's availability grew 9% from last September to 5.
Traditional enterprise servers have designed and delivered the highest availability of any computer systems and can presently achieve "five nines" 99.
RICHARDSON, Texas -- Voyence, a pioneer in automated network change and configuration management (NCCM) solutions, today simplified disaster recovery procedures with the introduction of its new Geo-Diverse High Availability solution for VoyenceControl NG.