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AVERAmerican Veterans for Equal Rights (activist group)
AVERAssociation for Values Education and Research (University of British Columbia; Canada)
AVERAmicale des Anciens Volontaires-Francais en Espagne Republicaine (France)
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Aver, an award-winning innovator of visual collaboration solutions, enhances productivity and enriches lives.
Aver Property said it was aiming to invest PS300 million in London and other major UK conurbations.
AVer donated the cameras, Zoom donated the software licenses and VCG donated the remaining hardware components for the new Zoom Rooms.
Aver Media was co-founded in 2006 by Peter Sussman and Bradley Sherman.
Bank of Montreal (NYSE: BMO) has announced a plan to take over film and TV media company, Aver Media LP.
GR an gu he So Bry Mo an an REAT DAY: Stephenie Gartry d Andrew Brydon with their ests, top; Stephenie with r bridesmaids, above right, ophie Bryan, Rachael ydon, Rachel Stockdale, organ Gartry, Lexi, Summer d Aver Brydon; and Summer d Aver, above THE MEN: Paul Brydon, Stephen Brydon, Andrew Brydon, Noel Garbutt, Frank Hynes and Noel Garbutt
91 heifers aver. 116.2p/pkg +0.1p top 128p/kg Tandlaw
thereby diminishing the total funds available for lawful uses." They aver that because Ohio funds are diminished, "disproportionate burdens" are (or will be) imposed on them.
The play hits close to home for the troupe's two other actors - Weinstein's wife, Ellen Rubin, and Ariel Aver.
This method, which the authors aver is more comprehensive than Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards, aims to help consumers avoid long-term, bioaccumulative exposure that could contribute to the risk of cancer and other health effects.
"Our [revenue] goal for each franchise aver ages about US$300,000 annually," says co-founder Luis Pedro Corado.
The start was held back for an hour but then Glamorgan were quickly in trouble at James Aver is removed Robert Croft and Australian Jimmy Maher in his first three overs.