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AVNAdult Video News
AVNAllgemeine Vermessungs Nachrichten (German: General Surveying News)
AVNAvascular Necrosis
AVNAudio Visual Navigation (automobiles)
AVNAudio Visual Navigation
AVNAlternative Video Network
AVNAmeritech Virtual Network
AVNAir Vanuatu (ICAO code)
AVNAdvanced Veterinary Nursing (UK)
AVNAviation Model (weather forecast model, now Global Forecast System)
AVNAtrioventricular Node
AVNAustralian Vaccination Network
AVNAssociation Vinçotte Nucléaire (French: Vinçotte Nuclear Association; Belgium)
AVNAssociation des Vins Naturels (French: Association of Natural Wines)
AVNAviation Technician (Canadian Air Force trade; airframes, aeroengines, armament & systems MOC 514)
AVNAvignon, France - Caumont (Airport Code)
AVNAviation System Standards office (FAA)
AVNAssociation des Villes Numériques (French: Association of Digital Cities; est. 1997)
AVNAutomated Voice Network
AVNAeromedical Voice Network
AVNAccess Verification Management
AVNAutomatismes du Val Noir (French: Val Black Automation)
AVNAsian Video Network (online community)
AVNAnza Valley Networks (Anza, California)
AVNAccuracy Vanishing Now
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Under the deal reached, Landmark Aviation will contribute 100% of its ownership in Sterling Aviation LLC into Gama Aviation LLC.
She networked diligently, however, with aviation professionals in organizations such as Negro Airmen International (www.
BACK's services are relied upon by most major sectors of the aviation and air transport industries including airlines, airports, financial institutions, manufacturers, governments, travel companies and consulting firms.
He said the study shows that the capabilities the Comanche, an armed reconnaissance helicopter, would bring to the Service are not consistent with the most vital needs of Army aviation.
4) The emergence of new and more virulent strains of disease around the world increases the probability of civil aviation involvement in a biological event.
Our Marine Aviation Campaign Plan represents a significant effort toward mitigating the strain of operating legacy aircraft through the transitions.
So many lives here were touched by aviation,'' she said.
Proxy Aviation is led by a team of executives with more than 100 years of combined experience in the fields of aircraft and UAV development, manufacturing, systems integration and combat operation and is supported by a board of advisors comprised of retired flag officers from the U.
The tasks of Marine Aviation fall into six functional areas: offensive air support, antiair warfare, assault support, air reconnaissance, electronic warfare, and control of aircraft and missiles.
We're moving closer now to 100 years of aviation, and it's pretty sad we don't have anywhere in the Valley to recognize that,'' said Dickson, a Burbank resident who designs and makes model airplanes, just as his father once did.
Customs Service also has become interested in aviation security.
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