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AVDPAnchor Volume Descriptor Pointer
AVDPAnalytic Velocity-Dependent Potential
AVDPAutomatic Vacuum Diffusion Pump
AVDPAided Visual Development Program
AVDPAlaska Village Demonstration Project
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Following the OED, it referred to "a measure of weight, usually equal to 14 pounds avoirdupois (1/8 of a hundredweight, or half a quarter), but varying with different commodities from 8 to 24 pounds" (s.v.
Although the tango is as old as the avoirdupois pound, it still takes two.
Having defined obesity in terms of waist measurement and body mass index (BMI) in our last issue, we now turn to possible solutions for dealing with the epidemic of excess avoirdupois that threatens the health of much of the American population.
Teachers need to be aware, however, that the weight of gold is generally reported in troy ounces, as opposed to "customary," or avoirdupois, ounces.
Thus the average stout reader is more likely to seek out Oprah's weight-loss tips than a stylish, high-toned volume extolling avoirdupois. Finally even Klein seems to understand the futility of the task he's set for himself.
We are suggesting that the origin of Avoirdupois weight (7000 gr.
Under the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act (FPLA), the FDA has proposed requiring food labels to list the net quantity of contents using both the inch-pound (avoirdupois) system and the metric system.
The key here is the word "equivalent," which simply means that the load is equal to the performance of an old black powder load with a certain amount of powder as measured by the drams (avoirdupois) method.
Unit Equivalent in Mass 1 short ton = 0.907 184 7 (2,000 lb) 1 long ton = 1.016 047 1 pound (lb) = 0.453 592 37 (a) 1 pound = 0.384 647 (b) uranium oxide (lb [U.sub.3] [O.sub.8]) 1 ounce, = 28.349 52 avoirdupois (avdp oz) Volume 1 barrel of = 0.158 987 3 oil (bbl) 1 cubic yard = 0.764 555 ([yd.sup.3]) 1 cubic foot = 0.028 316 85 ([ft.sup.3]) 1 U.S.
But losing your taste for food is not the best thing in the world, regardless of your avoirdupois.