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AXAnime Expo (animation convention)
AXArmani Exchange
AXAccount Register
axAxillary (armpit)
AXAutomatic Transmission
AXArenacross (motor sports)
AXAuto Cross
AXAuxiliary Systems
AXAlpha Chi Omega (sorority)
AXAgility Excellent (AKC title)
AXAnion Exchanger
AXAmerican Express Company (credit card type)
AXArchitecture Extended
AXX-Axis Acceleration
AXAnger-Expression Inventory
AXAnalyst Executive
AXArcade Extreme (game)
AXAtlantic Coast Line Railroad Company
AXAcceptance Requirements Index
AX(USN Rating) Aviation Antisubmarine Warfare Technician
AXAmman Exchange Co.
AXConcept for Long Range Advanced Missile
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We describe a simple option- keystone design, islanded, perforator flap from the adjacent area for the cover of axillary defect after wide local excision of scarred, infected skin affected by hidradenitis suppurativa of axilla.
Axillary thermometry proved both accurate and reliable.
Two parallel, oval, hypoechoic masses within the lateral axilla, just deep to a visible skin scar from remote axillary dissection showed no internal color Doppler flow and did not display clear echogenic fatty hila.
4%) with stage II out of which 58 presented with no axillary lymph node involvement and 100 patients presented with axillary lymph node involvement, 200 patients (44.
7,11] Several studies have evaluated the response of positive axillary nodes to NACT (Table 1).
Axillary web syndrome (AWS), which is also known as axillary cording, is a clinical entity defined as prominent palpable subcutaneous tissue extending from the axilla into the medial elbow, even down to the medial part of the wrist.
Following preparation of the skin, the axillary region nerve roots and branches and vascular structures were observed by examination with a high-frequency ultrasound probe.
Results: The highest number of metastatic axillary lymph nodes and the highest rate of cathepsin D staining were statistically found in the cases with positive axillary lymph node metastasis and extranodal tumor invasion.
The sternoclavicular artery, axillary artery, intercostal arteries and thoracic artery, stem from the subclavian artery in this region (Erdogan and Kiline, 2014).
KEY WORDS: chiropractic, axillary web syndrome, lymphatic cording