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AXISa Xml Schema Integration System
AXISAdvanced Pixel Interpolation System
AXISApache Extensible Interaction System (SOAP for web services)
AXISAtmospheric X-ray Imaging Spectrometer
AXISAnalysis and eXploration of Information Sources
AXISArts Experiences in Schools (New Orleans, LA)
AXISAccess and Exchange Information System
AXISAn XMM (X-Ray Multi-Mirror)-Newton International Survey (European Space Agency)
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Units available in standard handling capacities of 11 to 154 lb and in custom designs with application-specific axis lengths and up to 275-1b handling capacities.
Unlike Web cameras, the AXIS 207 operates independently of a PC and contains a built-in Web server.
According to the prophecy Axis must unite the three races in order to stand a chance to defeat Goragel.
In the Format Axis dialog box, select the following Scale options for the x-axis: Categories in reverse order and Value (y) axis crosses at maximum category.
Instruments on Earth can measure the tilt of the axis of the sun's magnetic field not only far from the sun but also at the photosphere, its visible surface.
Vibration of the vertical axis tables is provided by electric motors mounted horizontally and equipped with adjustable force wheel weights at the end of each motor.
Wittmann's new W 702 series sprue pickers feature vibration-absorbing air cushions on the kick stroke and a pneumatic shock absorber on the vertical axis.
Units are computer-controlled and available with pneumatic vertical axis and servo-driven horizontal movement or with servo drive on all axes.