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AYINAfrikan Youth in Norway (Oslo, Norway)
AYINAfrican Youth ICT4D (Information and Communication Technologies for Development) Network (Lagos, Nigeria)
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In modern times, says Sarah Bunin Benor, professor of Jewish studies at the Hebrew Union College and author of the Jewish English Lexicon, kine-horn and b'li ayin ham are used mainly by Orthodox Jews in the United States and Israel.
DovBer Pinson notes that humans identify the infinite ayin with nothingness because it is beyond human comprehension (259).
Yirmi dort ayin altinda cerrahi yapilanlarin %70,8'inde, 24 ayin uzerinde cerrahi yapilanlarin ise %70,7'sinde basari saglandi.
His land is located in the Safa neighborhood of Beit Ummar, opposite the illegal settlement of Bat Ayin, built on private Palestinian land.
Palestinian sources said the incident is a "price tag attack" by occupiers against the demolition of four unauthorized homes near the Bat Ayin settlement, to the north of Hebron on early Monday.
According to an official Internet statement from Al Ayin Zoo in the United Arab Emirates, Giza Zoo has bought new animals such as orangutans and chimpanzees, but hasn't given them a proper place to live in.
About a month ago the IDF [Israeli army] ruined a few homes near the small outpost, Alei Ayin [near the outpost Esh Kodesh], which started the decline," said Assraf, adding: "We hope to return to a peaceful coexistence.
Thus, a religious Jew, when asked on his health or welfare will answer "Blee Ayin Rah" ("Without an evil eye"); namely he is satisfied with his condition and will not look with envy on a person in a better situation.
The Al-Aqsa Intifada that began in October 2000 served as a catalyst for the emergence of the Bat Ayin Underground.
According to Matisoff, "An indication of the vitality of the evil eye concept in Jewish culture is the fact that on ayn-hore has been calqued back into modern Israeli Hebrew in the form bli ayin raa 'without an evil eye'" (note 35, p.