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AZMAcademisch Ziekenhuis Maastricht (Dutch: Maastricht University Hospital; Maastricht, Netherlands)
AZMAcetazolamide (also seen as AZA)
AZMAmerican Zionist Movement (New York, NY)
AZMAdoral Zone of Membranelles
AZMAzeri Manat (Azerbaijan currency)
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Azimuth Security is an information security consultancy focused on in-depth analysis of software systems, including threat modelling and design, configuration and source code review.
[t.sub.a0R] is the zero Doppler time of the receiver relative to the azimuth time origin [t.sub.a] = 0.
CBF is the most traditional and the most classic technique used to estimate azimuth angle of an acoustic source.
Caption: FIGURE 1: RHEED patterns of samples A, B, C, D, and E for [11[bar.2]0] azimuth (a)-(e) and for [0001] azimuth (f)-(j).
Azimuth Energy is an engineering, construction, and development (EPC) support services company focused on the implementation of renewable energy and associated energy efficiency strategies.
For a less than amax the threshold azimuth angles at which the two different portions of illuminated regions are separated are th1 and th 2 ; Reference Equations are expressed in (1) and (2).
Azimuth and elevation can be adjusted at up to three different speeds.
In particular, Azimuth Process will allocate funds for implementation of two projects - production of fast food and processing of dried fruits.
Azimuth Technology is a Florida-based contract manufacturing facility with over 42,000 square feet of state-of-the-art CNC machines.
For single-platform azimuth multichannel SAR systems, the errors are mainly identified to phase errors [11-13], given that the gain imbalance can be removed by amplitude equalization.
where [sigma]([r.sub.0], [x.sub.0]) is the reflectivity coefficient of the point target; s and t represent the range and azimuth time variables respectively; c is the speed of light, [f.sub.0] the carrier frequency, and [K.sub.r] the chirp rate.
Azimuth's West Omai project has an inferred gold resource of 1.65 million oz at an average grade of more than 3 g/mt gold, and the company expects its engineering studies of the project to reach the pre-feasibility stage by the end of 2013.