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AZMAcademisch Ziekenhuis Maastricht (Dutch: Maastricht University Hospital; Maastricht, Netherlands)
AZMAmerican Zionist Movement (New York, NY)
AZMAdoral Zone of Membranelles
AZMAzeri Manat (Azerbaijan currency)
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The values of EMF power density in the measurement points beside 90[degrees] 120[degrees] 150[degrees] azimuths are by 2 to 3 times lower as these points are within antenna's indirect visibility area, i.
So remember: It's turn for elevation and push and turn for azimuth.
Matt Haartsen, commenting on behalf of Azimuth, said:
Our results reveal the general layout of the neuronal machinery for sun compass navigation in the monarch brain and provide insights into a possible mechanism of integrating polarized skylight information and solar azimuth," concluded the authors.
The angle of the azimuth axis is measured over a diameter of about 15 meters, which requires a scale tape with a length of 48.
Selected by WLAN equipment vendors as their future standard for wireless test, Azimuth is also the test vendor of choice for a number of test labs and magazine review labs.
However, as the SAG gets caught up in the "tyranny of the in box," it is easy to introduce drift into its navigation system, so periodic azimuth checks are in order.
Each leg portrays the magnetic azimuth (not the grid azimuth), the distance, and the estimated consumption of time.
The main building there is a kind of temple fortress aligned with its main axis along the azimuth that runs from the point of winter solstice sunset to that of summer solstice sunrise.
We want to bring south of 96th Street quality north of 96th street," said Azimuth founder Guido Subotovsky.
In the keel laying ceremony of the Azimuth Tugboat C-130 for Pemex, TNG announced the reactivation of the Mexican shipbuilding Industry.