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Secondly, the radar sensor is installed at an azimuth angle of approximately 220[degrees].
For four independent variables three levels in the feasible ranges were identified: A: tilt angle with three levels of 0[degrees], 30[degrees], and 60[degrees] from the horizon; B: azimuth angle with three levels of 0[degrees], 45[degrees], and -45[degrees] from the south; C: the wind with three levels of 0,5.5, and 10 Km/h.
In order to motivate practical engineering application demands in passive sonar detection system, we study five well-known azimuth angle estimation methods using a single AVS and carry out a comprehensive experimental research of these methods.
The azimuth angle, however, requires an integration, and since land vehicle navigation is sensitive to azimuth angle errors [41], VO is used to suppress the resulting drift.
It is different from the common definition of "angle separation." In fact, the separation angle of the two targets is fixed, what changes is the azimuth angle of the two targets.
The predicted phase responses show excellent correlation against the measured data with underpredictions in magnitudes around the azimuth angle of 60 deg.
Greek symbols [delta]: Solar half angle (mrad) [sigma]: Standard deviation of the mirror slope error (mrad) [[epsilon].sub.1]: Elevation tracking error of the EATD (mrad) [[epsilon].sub.2]: Azimuth tracking error of the EATD (mrad) [[epsilon].sub.2r]: Azimuth angle or spin angle tracking error of the dish concentrator (mrad) [beta]: Concentrator working elevation angle (degrees) [[beta].sub.1]: The intersection angle between the reflection ray (at heliostat center) and the horizontal plane (degrees) [[beta].sub.2]: Angle between spin axis and horizontal plane (degrees) [[theta].sub.m]: Lack angle of the dish concentrator (degrees).
By means of this information, the azimuth angle of the sound source can be calculated easily.
The NubiScope scans the sky in 36 azimuth angle steps of 10[degrees] and 30 zenith angle steps of 3[degrees] with a field of view of 3[degrees].
In this resultant range-angle data, any point P([x.sub.n], [y.sub.n]) exhibits a sinusoidal behavior for the 360[degrees] variation of azimuth angle [phi] because of circular scanning arrangement.
Therefore, in Figure 9, the decreasing degree and speed of azimuth angle measurement performance are greater than those of elevation angle measurement performance.