BPAGBullous Pemphigoid Antigen (immunology)
BPAGBovine Pregnancy-Associated Glycoprotein
BPAGBlack Plastic Army Gun (military slang)
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04; Table 1, Figure 2A), whereas the corresponding mean BPAG [AUC.
05 mg/kg), whereas BPAG plasma levels in three dogs remained > LOQ for 8-10 hr after BPA administration.
05 mg/kg dose was 90 [+ or -] 26%, as computed by the mean ratio of the BPAG [AUC.
This value was lower than the mean ratio of BPAG AUC values (54 [+ or -] 19%), showing that BPA was rather well absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract but that most absorbed BPA is metabolized by a first-pass effect at the hepatic level.
This finding was supported by the high extent of BPA bioavailability computed using systemic exposure to BPAG (81%).
In addition when considering BPAG, the bioavailability of BPA after administration of a low BPA dose (0.
Therefore, recent data indicating that BPAG is not abundant in human serum relative to total BPA levels (Kosarac et al.
This finding is likely to have major implications for the interpretation of human biomonitoring data; such interpretation should take into account that BPA concentrations in blood cannot directly be extrapolated from the BPAG levels by assuming a systematic extensive hepatic first-pass effect under all circumstances.
Semilogarithmic plots of mean ([+ or -] SD) plasma concentrations (ng/mL) of BPA (A,B) and BPAG (C,D) versus time after a single iv (n = 6) or sublingual (n = 6) administration of BPA at 5 mg/kg (A,C) and 0.
Mean ([+ or -] SD) BPA AUClast and BPAG AUClast normalized for the actual administered dose (A) and semilogarithmic plot of the mean ratio of BPAG:BPA molar concentrations versus time (B).